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I’m getting a laptop for college in the college’s book store, would free avg anti virus protect me good?

I didn’t feel like buying another norton for a laptop for school and since It’s through the school’s book store and I’m purchasing it using financial aid to pay for it, would avg free anti virus protect me good ??

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6 Responses to “I’m getting a laptop for college in the college’s book store, would free avg anti virus protect me good?”

  1. michael s said :

    AVG is to heavy of a program for most notebooks …instead download Microsoft Security Essentials FREE………..Its one of the tops in the AV category among freeware…..

  2. Harley Drive said :

    no avg free is inadequate today AVG paid for is good but avira, avast and comodo are all better than both versions of avg and are all free

  3. Bill M. said :

    The two guys above me are correct. Save your money. Don’t buy Norton. Get Microsoft Security Essentials or Avira instead. Don’t get AVG. It’s well known but really didn’t do well in the latest tests done by an independent antivirus reviewer AV Comparatives:

    MSE is the only free AV program that got a 3 star rating. Avira also got a 3 star rating but it was not the free version.

    The paid version of Avast and AVG only got 2 stars.

    And for additional protection, get Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware and/or SuperAntiSpyware too.

    MBAM and SAS are not AV but dedicated anti-spyware programs. However, they work great against trojans and malware that most AV programs can’t detect or remove.

    Both have free versions too but I highly recommend that you get at least the paid version of MBAM which offers real-time scanning and blocking of malicious websites. Nowadays, you shouldn’t be using a computer without an AV and a dedicated antispyware program.

  4. sandy said :

    i agree avira or microsoft security essentials are the best to use for your laptop get at good luck

  5. Kristin Disooza said :

    Avast is good for to use it is a good antivirus .


  6. Bartu said :

    instead of spending time and worrying about this stuff just get a mac. If you’re not a mac person get a pc and install linux on it. At the worst get a windows and use a virtual box you’ll be safe no worries..


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