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What’s a good free anti-virus system I can download?

So I don’t have on on my computer. right now anything I have says what viruses I have but I have to pay to get rid of it.
I have the Crap Cleaner with just cleans unnecessary files.

So are there any amazing free anti-virus downloads that will make my computer virus free again? Especially with viruses being so dangerous these days.

Are there any viruses that I should be looking out for??

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4 Responses to “What’s a good free anti-virus system I can download?”

  1. Joe K said :
  2. sashlikee said :

    CONFICKER C AKA Downadup!
    CONFICKER CONFICKER stupid thing!

  3. choochi said :

    i think malawarebytes

    i have it and works great

  4. Alan said :

    I like avast! which is free but have good results with the free AVG as well.


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