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I may have a virus on my home pc, is there any good free anti-virus software that i can download to help me?

my computer is very slow to upload, and also i have high-speed dsl and thats also slow. please help me find this free anti-virus software.

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10 Responses to “I may have a virus on my home pc, is there any good free anti-virus software that i can download to help me?”

  1. webmasterauto said :
  2. pishta said :, and get the AVG free program, works great and the windows defender works pretty well too, both are free.

  3. kloux23 said :

    AVG is what i use and I like it but also download Adware to get rid of spyware

  4. CathyM said :

    get Avast it is free and they have a virus removal program on the page. Avast is a free and really good antivirus I use it.

  5. drkhuls said :

    avg will help surely
    you pc may have spy ware for which i recommend doctor spy ware

  6. Dean C said :

    I run a computer business. AVG is very good, superior to NORTON , Mcafee,etc. Personally, 4 of the 5 computers on my home network run avira antivirus. it is at Antivirus is just a piece of the solution, though. offers a superior free firewall called Zone Alarm. For spyware, get Ewido, Spybot, AND Ad-Aware. Today, you NEED a multi-layed defense. Good luck.

  7. nospamcwt said :

    Browse through Yahoo Answers at any time of day or night and you’ll see several recent questions just like this one. It’s a very common problem with Windows PCs. So common that it should make you wonder why you keep your PC. Why don’t you own a computer that doesn’t have these problems? Don’t be a masochist, switch!

    Switch now and in a month or two you’ll be wondering why you didn’t switch sooner. Everything is easier on a Mac, and there are NO viruses. That’s right: ZERO. I can’t remember the last time I scanned for one (AV scanners are available for the Mac, but they only look for PC viruses!) and my system is as good today as the day I bought it.

  8. Bob T said :

    Trend Micros has a good online virus check program

  9. trishhelenh said :

    Avgfree is excellent.

    But if your computer is acting slower and slower, you are probably also infected by malware. For that you need at least these free programs:
    lavasoft adaware personal:
    Spybot Search and Destroy:

    If you have been up and running on a high speed connection without protection, you may be seriously infected. If you have to rebuild your PC, download the above files, cut them to a CD and install them right before you connect to the Internet for the first time. After you connect, immediately update each program and run them one at a time. Set AVG to automatically update it’s database so you will have the current protection. Good luck.

  10. johnzy_08 said :

    here are some things to know if you have a virus..

    First, you may think you have a virus, but how do you really tell? Viruses often cause erratic behavior, smiley faces may pop up, your screen may disappear, or your computer may crash. The trigger that activates the virus can be almost anything. For instance, the virus can be activated the minute it is installed. Or it may start its dirty work the next time you start your computer. In many cases, a virus can reside inside your computer in an inactive state, waiting for a certain event (like a certain date) to happen.

    From the moment the virus infiltrated your computer to the time that it made itself known to you, you could have innocently spread the virus to others. A very disconcerting sign that you have a virus is when friends call or e-mail to let you know you have sent them a virus-infested e-mail. It can also be transfered via IM’s and Peer to Peer’s like limewire, Bearshare and Kazaa… SO beware!!!

    Now… If you notice any of this CRAPS (lol) in your system.. The first thing you gotta do is STAY CALM.. lol… because people tend to panic when they notice something like viruses… Thats what I did sometime in the best and I deleted some of my system32 thinking the virus is there… and KABOOM!!! I cant start my pc anymore…LOL!!!!

    What you gota do is, download an antivirus… My personal reccomendation is AVG ( Because unlike Norton and PCcillin or Mcaffee.. It’s not resource hungry.. It’s simple.. lol…
    another recommendation is zonealarm.. but… It cost like 50$ for the fulll version… but you can email me for a serial (LOL!!).. anyways…
    other programs are:
    Anti Vir
    Panda anti virus
    My etrust
    clam win anti virus
    and Last but not the least.. KAPERSKY… ( I dont actaully know if it’s free or something.. But because it’s not that popular, There’s less hacks for that program…)

    But.. if you dont want any programs…. Try just to scan first…
    or jsut use free mcaffee virus scan…
    but.. remember,, better be safe than sorry!!LOL!!

    They say only use one anti virus program… I say not… Because… base on my experience… There was this virus that got scanned by Avast but not by AVG.. Well thats just my opinion…

    Now… sometimes… your anti virus says they have scanned something.. But cant delete it… what your gonna do is, google the virus name.. then there should be some step by step instructions in some forum… Try that… lol…

    anyways… last but not the least but the most annoying and irritating and pissing (lol)
    If you still cant delete it.. the last way is to reformat your PC… that sucks I know.. but… It’ll surely kill the viruses.. and your files.. LOL!!

    And ya… before I forget…
    Sometimes… viruses seem to restrict you from accessing the net.. sometimes… it kills your connection or something… now great.. you cant download softwares.. what you gotta do is go to a clean PC.. then download the latest installer from there… now… burn it to a cd or something… then load it to your pc… it shall work… lol

    now good luck with you!!!!


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