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Are there any free anti-virus programs I can download?

I want a good, free anti-virus program like Norton that won’t give my computer any viruses. It needs to be a proper one and not some “back-street” rubbish. Thanks.

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5 Responses to “Are there any free anti-virus programs I can download?”

  1. Erin T said :
  2. seemonkey2003 said :
  3. Wasim said :

    well there are lot of free anti-virus download from

    but i suggest u download virus solution r virus removal tool….from

  4. R S said :

    Best free Anti virus: Avast:, AVG:,
    Avira: Check out for more information.

  5. Flurb said :

    Rookit protection
    Spyware protection
    Boot-time scanner-so viruses can’t hide
    Also it updates quickly and is light on resources


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