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where can military members download free anti-virus programs for their computer?

I always remember the security officer giving us free copies of two different anti-virus programs and it was not the cheap version (trial) it was the full version with the access code. Anybody remember or know the website? Mcafee I think was one of the programs.

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3 Responses to “where can military members download free anti-virus programs for their computer?”

  1. Don said : has free personal that good for antivirus/antispyware or try Microsoft’s free Microsoft’s Security [email protected] or free in the could…thank you for your service!

  2. Stephen P said :

    i use the free microsoft security essentials,it is anti-virus,spyware and malware,
    i also use a good firewall [comodo] great security package for free. a lot of people on here are
    saying mcafee and norton slows the computer down and the detection rate is awful,i agree.
    stick with the good free stuff you will be much happier.

  3. Weldon Endicott said :

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