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Where can I download an actual free anti-virus?

AVG Free doesn’t work. Every time i try to download that thing. It extract files and takes me to an advertisement like window, when it should say do you agree with these terms etc. Well I tried a scans and removes whatever threats/or infections found.few others that my firewall recommended. But apparently they are free to download and scan computer, but does not remove the threat or infection. I looking even for a low quality anti-virus program that scans and remove threats/or infection found that’s free.

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6 Responses to “Where can I download an actual free anti-virus?”

  1. Drew Anderson said :

    avast anti virus is good.

  2. David said :

    I don’t think there is one out there that is free forever they have to make money some how lol

  3. ComStar Computers said :

    hit me up for the actual AVG Free installer OR you can get Comodo’s free protection package.

    You need to IM me at NCardiaSAT if you want the AVG installer as it’;s on my main frame and not available on the internet

  4. Lucy Girl said :
    It has real time protection which AVG Free does not have.

  5. Pedro P said :

    Just search on Google:

    download avast free

  6. ANDROID said :

    I use Macafee.It is free for me because I am an AOL user.You should consider using that.It’s good.Gets the job done.


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