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What is the best free download anti-virus?

Not the 30-day trial anti-virus but the free ones. Thanks in advance…

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19 Responses to “What is the best free download anti-virus?”

  1. David D said :

    There always is Avast, it’s what I use… when the trial is over just uninstall and re-install it… I know you weren’t looking for a trial but this is the best one that you can get for free probably.

  2. Louie said :

    avira and malwarebytes

  3. Rob said :

    I use Avira AntiVir it tells you when it needs updating

  4. Mark said :

    Microsoft Security Essentials
    Avira Personal
    AVG Free
    Avast Free

  5. Heather H said :

    avira is a good one too. iv installed it since i had a huge virus and no problems since then. it occasionally pops up adds to buy the full version, but i just click the x and move on.

  6. abhijeet said :

    free antiviruse

  7. Emiconpet said :

    try the free Avast anti virus
    Avast is very good and free.
    Avast is very light on computer memory.
    Avast updates automatically twice a day.
    Avast scans web pages in real time and blocks the virus in its tracks.

  8. driftking said :

    idk but if you’re looking for internet safety you should download noscript which basically blocks stuff on unknown webpages unless you allow them so you don’t get any harrassing messages and stuff like that. it also warns you if a website is acting suspiciously and if a website is trying to reroute you and it stops it. It also warns against “clickjacking” and i also have norton internet security 2010 and it is awsome comes with full system scans, safe browsing, download intelligence etc. its a good buy.

  9. Reject Dogma said :

    Download this:

    1. Panda Cloud AntiVirus
    2. Avira (turn real-time protection off)
    3. Malwarebytes AntiMalware

  10. monkeymadness123 said :

    I would have to say MalewareBytes. I had some viruses on my computer one time that even my normal virus thing couldnt get rid of. So i downloaded that and tried, and it got rid of them. It searches for a different type of virus or something that most programs dont. So it, with another basic program and your computer should be covered bud.

  11. Ron M said :

    All of the following are free, and work very well. My personal favorite is Avast, but I switched to Windows Security Essentials a few months back and I’m very pleased with it.

    Note: It is best to run at least 2 anti spyware programs, but never run more then 1 anti virus to eliminate conflicts.

    Virus Removal




    Microsoft Security Essentials

    Sypware/Malware Removal


    Spybot S&D


    Microsoft Security Essentials

    For URL, see above.

  12. michael s said :

    Here is the link for the individual tests done on all top AV products…decide for yourself who is the best…although i would recommend Avast….Avira is a bit higher in protection., but has been reporting alot of problems with the newer version….

  13. sandy said :

    avira or panda cloud anti virus both are very good and free get at good luck

  14. Lou said :


  15. Dave Computer Cleaner said :

    Avast is a very effective free anti-virus, especially when combined with a top free firewall like Comodo:

    Download Avast:

    Video review of Avast and Comodo working together and getting 10/10:

  16. Myriad said :
  17. John said :

    without doubt avast is the best free anti-virus.
    download link:

  18. Lingling said :
  19. Julia Karlin said :

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