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Where can I download the free kaspersky anti-virus?

Please help! What website is the most secure to download free kaspersky anti-virus? or can you suggest any other more reliable anti-virus that is free to download? Thanks in advance people!:)

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4 Responses to “Where can I download the free kaspersky anti-virus?”

  1. Lukasz P said :

    i have kaspersky 7.0 the newest it is the best but not for free u have to buy it a good free thing is windows defender

  2. MINDDOCTOR said :

    AOL, used to offer Kaspersky last year for free. No longer available. You have to purchase from Eugene Kaspersky Russia. Plus pay an annual fee for updates.

    Here are two free antivirus. Avira Germany I recommend being has a very high rate of detection. You must update on a manual basis daily.

    Avast updates auto.

    Another free excellent program from Avira Germany free for home personal use.
    If you want free antivirus, here is an excellent free

    Avast, free home for personal use: Avast will send you the free key good for one year then you must request a new key. Has an excellent background scanner that works in real time, plus on the hour auto. Updates.

    Both are as good as Kaspersky or NOD32 in my opinion.

    Mind Doctor, Panama

  3. lucee said :

    If you want good – top rated – and free, then get Avast 4 Home. Kaspersky is NOT free, although it is good. I’ve used Avast for 4+ years and never had a virus get past it.

  4. Thread7 said :

    AVG is good too.
    Be sure to keep clicking the “Free” version because they try to steer you towards the pay version.


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