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Is there any anti virus program that is totally free and gets rid of viruses and wont give me a virus?

Is there any anti virus program that is totally free and gets rid of viruses and wont give me a virus?
ughh! i have a virus and i gotta get rid of it. help?(: please and thanks.

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8 Responses to “Is there any anti virus program that is totally free and gets rid of viruses and wont give me a virus?”

  1. raju said :

    avg free edition.
    Search google for it.

  2. Ron M said :

    All of the following anti virus programs are free for personal use. All work very well, but my personal favorite is “Avast”.

    Only run one anti virus program to avoid conflicts.






  3. Dr. Phil said :

    I am going with the other guy who gave you the list. *points up*
    They all work, but I use Avast, and it works great.

  4. i§pit ♐☠ said :

    Try Symantec Endpoint Protection, it protects my computer from viruses most of the time.

  5. Ali K said :

    Microsoft Security Essentials
    Its Free. (available free at
    Only runs on a genuine copy of windows.
    Most updated anti-virus software.
    Very light on system.
    Scans removable drives as well.
    Click on source below to download.


  6. Mike said :

    There is no program to get rid of viruses, the only solution is to reformat. As to protect a virus from infaltrating your pc, anti-vir is better than avg on many levels.

  7. foxwalkin said :

    There aren’t really any good free anti “virus” software out there that aren’t some kind of malicious software in some way shape or form. There is free software for spyware, however, this is not a virus, and if you have a virus then you will need an anti-virus program.

    What I suggest is downloading a free trial of ESET’s Nod32 antivirus. I will put the URL in the sources area. If you care about efficiency of your PC while the program is scanning for viruses then you will want to stick with either Nod32 or Trend Micro’s Internet Security 2009 which comes with both Anti-virus and a firewall.

    ESET Nod32 is one of the best rated antivirus programs out there for gamers, because it is so efficient you can play a demanding 3D game while scanning for viruses. You can’t get much better than that!

    Personally I would go with Nod32. Most antivirus manufacturers enable you to download a free trial which will allow you to fully scan for, and remove viruses from your PC. Although you CAN remove the software or not buy it after 30 days, I recommend you buy the software and keep it on your machine. It will ensure that you don’t get viruses in the future.

    As far as spyware goes, I would check out Lavasoft’s AdAware program, and also SpyBot S&D. I will give links for both in the sources section. Really you will be good with just one or the other, but if you install both and run scans routinely then you will have the best chances of staying spy/ad/mal ware free.

    Btw, don’t be fooled by Ad-Aware’s Anti-virus features. The FREE version has no anti-virus, and I would not trust a “jack of all trades” as an anti-virus solution. Use Ad-aware for what it’s best known for: Spyware removal, and use anti-virus software like Nod32 for virus protection. Note: Nowadays Antivirus software such as Trend Micro, and Nod32 also remove a lot of spyware as well so you may not need those programs as much as you used to.

  8. Mr Mrs said :

    antivirus tips and antivirus download:


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