How do I get rid of Norton Internet Security & Anti Virus?

How do I eradicate all traces of Norton Internet Security and Anti Virus from my PC including registry entries, hidden files and the like. In the past I’ve come to really dislike Symantec products, they seem to take over your computer and apparently impossible to remove all traces of even using the uninstall application. Now I just bought a new laptop and I’m horrified to discover it has a load of Norton stuff pre-installed. Grrr! How do I get rid of it before I install my preferred security software?

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14 Responses to “How do I get rid of Norton Internet Security & Anti Virus?”

  1. HxC_Doll said:

    i suppose delete them or uninstall them by going to the control panel then add/remove programs. find the program and uninstall it. OR search it and delete it.

  2. J. K said:

    You need to download the removal tool from nortons website; to completely remove the software.

  3. Mary Mary said:

    NORTON SUCKS …….I don’t know how ..sorry

  4. yodadoe said:

    Usually, going to the install/uninstall index and uninstalling the program will work. But maybe I’m ignorant….

  5. matthardysgirlwwechic said:

    Go to start then control panel then add/ delete. and delete the norton system.

  6. silverback487 said:

    You can go to the Symantech site and download a utility that will take everything off that the uninstaller leaves behind….even the registry stuff.

  7. thesaxman50 said:

    It should have an unstall program built in. If not go to control panel and add/remove it. Then do a spyware search, free ad-ware at

    Then registry search, there are free registry scanners on the net, 1 possibility is

    That should do it.

  8. brite tiger said:

    To remove Norton or other existing Anti-Virus software, use the add/remove programs control panel.

    Click on the Windows Start button, then select Settings and choose Control Panel.
    Double-click the Add or Remove Programs control panel
    The Add/Remove Programs window will open. Scroll through the list of installed programs for any item that includes either “Norton” or “Symantec” or “LiveUpdate” icluding:
    Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition
    Norton AntiVirus 2004/2005/2006
    LiveUpdate (Symantec Corporation)
    For each Symantec or Norton item (or of any other anti-virus software you need to uninstall), click to select the item and then click on the Remove or Change/Remove button

    Add or Remove Programs

    When asked if you are sure that you want to remove the application, click Yes or OK.
    Restart your computer.
    Once you have successfully removed Norton Anti-Vrus or other existing anti-virus software you may proceed with the installation of McAfee VirusScan Enterprise edition.

  9. spicyexpress said:

    No doubt, any windows pc owner should get ride of Norton anti virus, the stupid sluggish software in the world. It reduces pc speed over 50%, and still you pay for the stupid software company. Try Avast (which is free for personal use)or any other software of your choice.

    To get rid of Norton complete use easy cleaner. you can get it from here Uninstall Norton anti virus through Easy cleaner, and then run the Registry cleaner from Easy cleaner.

    Please note easy cleaner again a free software. if you use windows uninstall, some reigstery files, and some unused file of Norton will remain in the system. so use Easy cleaner only.
    good luck

  10. scrambulls said:

    Check through the installation disks provided and have a look see if you can reinstall from scratch without norton stuff. The only way to remove all traces of ANY programme/suite is formatting the c: drive and reinstalling without that component!

    If you have no experience of this kind of thing I would suggest that you ask the supplier to remove it for you.

    p.s. I have found using nortons own delete prog is the best way for a clean removal in the past so you could always try that.

  11. joe t said:

    If you go into add/remove programmes it will not remove all traces, but it will get rid of most half way through the uninstall it should take you to the norton web site where you can get rid of the rest.I did it last week before i started to run on AVG security and it seems fine

  12. rlh242424 said:

    Norton came with my computer as well. I just uninstalled it from the Add and Remove Programs list. Then I ran a registry cleaner. You can get RegScrubXp at.

  13. UNCLE BAZWOLD said:

    Hmm i am computer illiterate but i removed my pre installed Norton to get a later Norton product free from my broadband provider and i tried everything as mentioned in previous mails but nothing worked 100% so i just went in to the program files if i remember correctly and ripped out anything to do with Norton and it worked for me.Now i am a fool and it may be the wrong thing to do so maybe someone would like to comment.

  14. 1willie1 said:

    You dont have to play in your registry.


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