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I have just turned my laptop on and found a downloaded anti virus on it how do get rid?

I never downloaded any anti virus software but I now have one called Personal antiviris it keeps poping up telling me I have trojan this trojan that then redirecting me to a web page were I have to pay$79 to get them removed,I have tried to delete it but cant how can I get this personal virus off my laptop?

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8 Responses to “I have just turned my laptop on and found a downloaded anti virus on it how do get rid?”

  1. liketolisten said : download this, it will get rid of it, its free

  2. ali v said :

    check if you installed the program from

    start>settings>control panel> add or remove programs

    then you will get a screen with a list of programs you installed and find the program and delete it ,

  3. "/* Insanity said :

    souns like this is a virus itself (some viruses pretend to be antiviruses to get your money).. well some people call it malware… in my opinion it’s still a virus (it’s just technicalities).

    anyway, seems an antivirus won’t uninstall this as it wont pick it up… you need anti spyware anti malware.

    try looking at for a nice answer.. it however tells you how to remove it manually.

  4. debbs_lfc said :

    Your laptop is infected, run a good anti-virus prog to remove, you might also need to run a spyware removal tool too. lavasoft adaware/spyware remover is free, download, update and run in safe mode if poss. Take a look at the link below for more info.

  5. Dave J said :

    Dont click on it.Down load a antivirus programme there are a few you can use but the best are AVG and Avira Go from there.

  6. NeoArcane said :

    You are the victim of a “drive-by download” that has put that POS on your computer.

    These companies are well-known scammers.

    You will need a real anti-virus program to get rid of it… you can try some of the free ones online, run anti-malware program like malwarebytes, try the free zone-alarm or even microsoft “malicious software removal tool”.

    Just google those terms, and follow the directions.

    Then make sure you DO have an anti-virus, anti-malware, firewall program running at all times.

    Good luck getting rid of it!

  7. jean ann j said :

    The more you click on it the more it will spread.

    This will tell you what you have. Spyware-trojan.

    You will have to run a full scan in safe mode with your anti virus.

    Then remove it from your add & remove

    Then from your start up.
    Then delete your temporary files and cookies.

    If computer is on, turn off
    right away press F8 key once every second
    use arrow to select safe mode
    hit enter key
    select your system
    when finishes booting
    click start button
    all programs
    cruise over to your anti virus
    run a full scan
    delete what it finds
    close out

    type in “msconfig”
    hit enter or click ok
    click on start tab
    if still there
    click supply

    control panel
    add & remove

    This is spyware, your information and IP number will be sold around the world. And maybe phone number.

    You will need a firewall to keep the hackers out.

  8. SharpGuy said :

    Avoid all the lengthy answers above. If you want to get rid of it for sure and for free, then choose the first answer and mine. Download . Make sure you check the box to download updates during the installation.

    Some virus’ and trojans are designed to not allow most antivirus programs to run. They are terrified of’s program because it gets rid of anything bad. If when you try to install it and it wont do anything, then simply rename the file to something else. Likewise if it does let you install it, but the program doesn’t run, then simply rename mbam.exe (in program filesmalwarebytes folder) to something else, like mb.exe

    Just run the Quick Scan, the full scan is not necessary. The full scan will scan unnecessary stuff like text files, mp3’s, pictures etc which is a waste of time. A Full scan can take 1-3 hours depending on how much stuff is on your hard drive. Quick Scan is much shorter and will still crush that virus.


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