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What is the best anti virus software that can detect trojans.?

I dont use anti virus software except now and then.
used mcafee but it seemed to slow system down
so I uninstalled it are there any better ones that can eliminate both virus and trojan horses without slowing pc..
just after trying bitdefender online
It has found the following

ok what do these do
also found Packer.PESpin.A
and whats this do..?

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15 Responses to “What is the best anti virus software that can detect trojans.?”

  1. Lee T said:


  2. peter j said:

    if u goto u can get lots off anti virus wear from there the best one has got to be avg

  3. legendry dragon said:

    I tink it’s the avast antivirus but if ur ram was lower than 1gb then it will slow ur computer

  4. Kannan said:

    There are more antivirus softwares are available. Each and every antivirus software scans the files and system when we open a file or log on to system respectively.

    For better analysis to choose your antivirus software I recomment you to go for PC magazine. They might have done research on that regarding which one suits for the users.

  5. Rhonnie said:

    Try it AVG, AVAST and NOD 32 I use it all 3 and didn’t affect the performance of my computer.

  6. eliyhaou a said:

    Macafee is a good antivirus
    You prob have other problem in the computer which slow you computer
    Clean your system by this way
    My computer – right click on {c} – properties –
    general -disk clean up
    after that defragment the disk by this way
    My computer – right click on {c} – properties –
    tools – defragment now
    good luck
    It might help you to speed your computer

  7. toon.army01 said:

    Avg to stop the little blighters getting through.
    Superantispyware to get any of the little blighters that sneak through.
    Both free,both good.

  8. Sly_Old_Mole said:

    Do a free online scan with bitdefender its very good at removing trojans & virus plus it a way of checking if your AV is missing anything like AVG does:

  9. gary b said:

    The discussion of which is ‘best’ usually ends up being about which one a person is using now.

    These are all well-respected and free. Use one anti-virus & several anti-spyware tools. Then run the 2 cleaners at the end of the list, and lastly, turn off System Restore to remove infected restore points & then turn it back on to create a new clean point.

    Free anti-virus programs:
    Avast Home Edition
    AVG Anti-Virus Free
    PC Tools AntiVirus
    AntiVir Personal Edition

    Free anti-spyware tools:
    AdAware 2007,7423-page,1-c,antispywaretools/description.html
    Spybot Search & Destroy,22262-page,1-c,antispywaretools/description.html
    Windows Defender,24761-order,1-page,1-c,internettools/description.html
    AVG Anti-Rootkit,65198-order,1-page,1-c,privacysecurity/description.html
    a-squared Free,64592-order,1-page,1-c,antispywaretools/description.html
    AVG Anti-Spyware 7.5

    CCleaner removes many useless files & frees up space on your hard drive,24149-page,1-c,systemresourcestuneup/description.html
    Eusing Registry Cleaner,64953-page,1-c,systemresourcestuneup/description.html

    Always update before running

  10. iceman55mew said:

    Webroot Spysweep…Tech Support 1-866-612-4227..
    To Order..1-866-612-4268..Call their Tech Support and talk to them..they will explain how some of your free downloads are a no no!…This is by far the best while the stores have the 5.5 version?..The newest is out through their support system 5.5.7 and be sure and get the anti-virus, with can always get hold of them..either through these #’s or through your subscription..they continuously update every day…You have a problem?..They want to know..they have a guarantee….Have had problems..but, since I started using them 3 years ago? problems…they are located in Boulder,Colorado…

  11. JAMES M said:

    I have used AVG Anti Virus, Zone Alarm Firewall, Spy-bot Search and Destroy and Ad Aware both spyware killers for years. They are all free for personal use and I have had no trouble with Viruses Trojans etc. AVG does not slow the system down as much as some other products and Zone Alarm allows a lot of personal configuration unlike the Windows Firewall. They can all be downloaded from the following link.… On the home page select downloads and then the appropriate category.I also use Windows Defender from the Microsoft site. It is safe to use two anti-spy products but never use more than one A/V as it can cause conflicts. You should run A/V and anti spy weekly. Hope this helps.

  12. robert s said:

    Norton does and you can get it for free here after 6 months you must pay to get virus definitions updates.
    I wish all AVG supporters that got viruses ALSO came back to tell us of their experiences, not only the ones that haven’t got a virus yet.

  13. Kent said:

    You should use “Netcom3”.It’s extremely effective.

    This software is being used by eBay,Verizon, AT&T, Oracle and Lending Tree.

    Netcom3 Internet Security Software will speed up your computer, detect and remove spyware and adware, Viruses, Trojans, Dialers, Worms and a host of other dangerous parasites. It automatically detects and corrects the most common problems including: run time errors, corrupt files, invalid paths, fonts, file types, CLSID, DLLs, sound, help files, shell extensions, AppEvents, class keys and many more.

    Now,you can download and try for FREE.Check it out here:

  14. kingofkingsHHH said:

    AVG is good. for that

  15. Shawn Peachay said:

    Awesome website man, looks very nice. Finally found what Ive been looking for, thanks!


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