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I have a virus but can’t download anti virus software, please help?

I didn’t have any virus protection program set up on my laptop, and now it has caught a virus it’s blocking my attempts to try and download AVG free. What can I do, it’s quickly taking over my laptop, please help me. Whenever I try to do something it comes up with a note which says I don’t have the appropriate permission to do so.

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6 Responses to “I have a virus but can’t download anti virus software, please help?”

  1. Indian B. Gates said :

    you can search for avira antivir on google for a free download

  2. Over Analytical Fact Finder said :

    Reboot the motherfuc.e.e.r.

  3. Computer Tech said :

    Try starting up in safe mode then download your AVG free. Also download malwarebytes and Ccleaner.
    You may have to run as administrator.

  4. lil'lady said :

    Use a online virus scanner like the free Bitdefender online virus scanner.

  5. Vinita said :

    you can try free anti virus like avg or avira.. or try searcing some online virus scan

  6. NoBozo said :

    Start here:
    It is possible that your PC is infected with the conficker worm or a variant.To check,go to and check your PC with their simple application.If you have it then go to and get the free Avast Virus Removal Tool or the Symantec W32.Downadup Removal Tool and scan your PC.

    If you believe that it isn’t the conficker worm but some other issue,go to and download the free issue of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.Up date the programs signatures.Then reboot in safe mode ( hold down key F8 and then restart your PC) and open Malwarebytes to run a complete scan.


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