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How do I get Norton anti virus to scan my USB flash drive?

I use norton anti virus now installed on my pc.How do I get Norton anti virus to scan my USB flash drive?Or does it run the scan on my flash drive & all external drives by default?

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3 Responses to “How do I get Norton anti virus to scan my USB flash drive?”

  1. Jerry said:

    Go to My Computer right click on the Flash Drive Icon and from a Drop Down Menu choose scan with Norton.

  2. Michael York said:

    Hello Bernard C,

    This is Mike from the Norton Authorized Support Team.

    To have removable drives scanned upon insertion, you will need to enable this feature in the “Settings” panel in the main window of Norton AntiVirus 2009 or 2010 product.

    Also, the main real-time scanning engine called “Auto-Protect” will automatically scan any files that access your computer regardless of the source of the file If it detects threats, Norton AntiVirus will alert you.

    Thank you,

    Michael York
    Norton Authorized Support Team
    Symantec Corporation

  3. Hellwe said:

    Well it usually scans them by default or at least my anti virus program does that. If it doesnt you can scan it yourself by doing the fallowing things.

    1)Right click on the drive that corresponds to the object on My Computers
    2)Click Scan with Norton Antivirus

    and this should scan it.



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