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how to download anti virus onto a flash drive ?

i have tried before cant figure it out my flash drive is a 1 gig how to i download virus protection onto a flash drive step by step im really confused i have windows vista and i need to put the anti virus onto an xp please help ?? the xp computer will not open internet in normal mode or safe mode it has viruses and spyware so yeah

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5 Responses to “how to download anti virus onto a flash drive ?”

  1. Elder_Usr said :

    Hello brad,

    Your best bet at this point would be to download software such as “Avast” or “Malware Bytes”, and then simply transfer over the installation .exe files onto the thumb drive. From there, once on the infected PC; install the software, and run the scan. If you still have the virus from there, seek more help from on-site technicians.

  2. Wondering619 said :

    Download the antivirus setup file to your desktop

    Plug in your flash drive

    Click on “My Computer”

    Double click the flash drive

    Drag the antivirus setup file onto the flash drive

  3. ICMB94 said :

    download a portable version of a anti virus then run it off your usb drive but careful if your computer has viruses they may infect the usb

  4. cashman2009 said :

    i would recommend installing the portable apps system onto your flash drive and then downloading one of their virus programs under the utilities on the site and run it in safe mode through the flash drive. you’ll see that Clam Win portable is one of the software’s on there.

    If you’re not interested in that goto and type in SuperAntispyware in the search bar at top and download the installation file on your flash drive. it’s a good free top end software. i have it on my computer and it found viruses that some top virus software’s missed.

  5. zuzutribesman said :

    Details differ according to the antivirus software you have in your vista. But you should :
    1)update virus definition files in antivirus software in vista.
    2)then make a bootable CD/disk/flash drive by using that softwares menus. Most antivirus software are able to make such bootable media. It may be easier to just burn a bootable CD than to make a bootable flash drive though. First try that.
    3)in the computer with xp, make sure the boot order is such that the hard disk is later than the media you will use for virus scanning.
    4)insert your newly made bootable CD/disk/flash to computer with xp and reboot from it.
    5)using the antivirus software menus, scan the whole computer. clean viruses and spyware.

    But before all, try to backup any data important for you from its harddisks. You may use lots of programs or a bootable flash linux for doing that.


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