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is it true Norton anti virus slows down your computer?

i have recently added a second computer at home. its quite old, ive upgraded the memory to 1gb which is its max! i know dont tell me!!! it has come with norton anti virus and the computers internet web pages loads up slowly. is this down to norton or memory?

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7 Responses to “is it true Norton anti virus slows down your computer?”

  1. STEVIE G said :

    yes it does and its hard to get rid of off the computer once installed

  2. edgarl said :

    It did mine. AVG also caused a problem. I now use Microsoft Security Essentials which is free without any unwanted concequences.

  3. Mark said :

    they all do
    . to an extent
    why is being fast better then being protected ( what a miss conception) and no it is not hard to uninstall —-all you do is go to norton’s home page and download the free uninstall utility —so next time make sure you know what you r talking about before you try to answr a Q —bad advice is worse than none at all and by leaveing norton free trial on a new pc and than in stalling something e;lse give a whole lot of trouble
    just like AVG the popular junkware app of the century
    if you don not use the free tool from AVG u open a whole can of worms that takes almost a reinstall to take care of

  4. Techmonkey said :

    The correct answer is “Maybe”

    The old versions of Norton were a complete resource hog, slowing your computer down dramatically.

    However the new Norton 360 product is apparently a lot better although I have not tried it.

    This said, when fixing peoples computers I generally remove Norton and replace it with a free Anti Virus such as Avast, Avira or AVG

  5. Paul1983 said :

    with all antivirus and internet security software,
    it runs slower and yet more when doing a scan,
    but this is only because it has a real time sonar monitor thing which checks sites, downloads and less commonly known files as you use your computer,
    i personally thinks it’s worth it though, if that means anything to you.
    hope it helped 😉

  6. Luke said :

    Some people do say that Norton slows down your system, which makes some sense since it’s a big memory-hogger.

  7. Alan said :

    Assuming you are using WinXP, 1Gb will be fine for browsing – other programs will slow it down and your HD will slow as it fills.

    Norton used to be bloatware until two years ago – they improved all their products (Antivirus/Norton Internet Security/360). So, if you are using Anti virus 2007, it will slow your computer more than 2009/2010.
    I prefer Norton Anti Virus/ Internet Security as I can’t be bothered going into Answers asking how to remove virii off of my computer which has not been protected by the free ones.


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