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What is the best free anti virus program i can download from online. I cant afford one right now thanks.?

I cant afford one right now so if anyone has any input I would greatly appreciate it. I do have a Norton anti virus disk but never installed it cause i dont know much about it and any input on that topic also woild be appreciated. Thanks in advance ,lildlege

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8 Responses to “What is the best free anti virus program i can download from online. I cant afford one right now thanks.?”

  1. writerchick3 said :

    Best free one by a LONG way, but still not the best out there.

    As for norton, dont install it. It is incredibly resource hungry and will consume more RAM and processor power from you computer than some virus would (although arguably much safer).

  2. Weston said :

    avg. they offer a free and paid version. and it does not slow down your computer

  3. D said :

    Avast is my favorite, and is completely free for personal use. ( ) You just register the software and you don’t have to pay a thing. It updates automatically and has blocked many viruses from getting on my computers.

    AVG is good as well but from my experience the real time protection and ease of virus removal is not as good as Avast. Avast also checks for updates continually as AVG only checks once a day.

  4. JJ N said :

    try AVG i use it and find no problems with it

  5. Sparkle H said :

    I have Avira AntiVir.

    When I start up my computer there is always a pop up asking if I want the paid version but other than that it’s doing a good job.

  6. liberty_72_04 said :

    Go to
    you will find lots of info there… i got mine from that site. I am using Avira Antivir Personal – Free Antivirus. Its been really good for me so far…

  7. sunny said :

    AVG I have used it from the time I got my new computer with vista and it is great. Norton and Mcafee kept crashing my computer so I did not have an option but it really woks just as well as norton did on XP.

  8. QuizMaster said :

    1. Avira AntiVir Personal –
    2. Avast! Home –
    3. AVG Free –

    Avira AntiVir is the best of the three main free antivirus programs. It even performed better than paid AV programs!


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