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What anti virus software do you recommend and why?

I have tried norton anti virus and it slows my computer down, can anyone recommend any other software that is also compatible with AOL?


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10 Responses to “What anti virus software do you recommend and why?”

  1. Carella said :

    For good, free and recommended security programs, please go here

    I recommend AVG as an anti virus, although eTrust’s 12 month free trial is excellent (I’m using it and am extremely impressed).
    If you need other programs, go for Zone Alarm firewall, AVG anti spyware (formerly Ewido) and SpywareBlaster.

    If you click on the names in that list I gave you and it will take you to the official download site.

    Please ensure that you keep them all updated for full protection and check for any updates when you first download them.

  2. curious cat said :

    I use Trend at work and at home. it is not the cheapest but is not as intrusive/annoying as notrton etc.

  3. Not Emo. said :

    I would recommend AVG, Avast as free ones..

    But since your running AOL, get AOL active virus shield..
    It uses the engine of one of the worlds best AV, Kaspersky…

    Or you can just buy Kaspersky or Nod32..

    If you want one free, go for AOL (100day trial) or AVG/Avast… So hard to find things compatible with AOL these days..

    Avast :Slower but more thorough and more complicated, more options
    AVG: Faster but less thorough and less complicated, less options

  4. Clarky said :

    AVG free edition.

  5. SkiButt said :

    cor there are so many…..
    I used Norton last and it is resource hungry – but good.

    At the mo i have ZoneAlarm Security Suite which is ok, the anti spam isn’t as good tho.

    Not AV related but use this site to check your net connection and firewall :

  6. social_creation said :

    in my oppinion norton is the keep it from slowing u down try only installing the fire wall and virus protection.. or if you want a dif. program.. Mcafee is the next best thing

  7. bratty brat said :

    I suggest using Avast. It is free and downloaded from online. The scan does really well and even was rated well by Consumer Report Magazine.
    I have been using it problem and virus free for a year now. It works just as well as ones you pay a lot of money for. Good luck.

  8. Roxana said :

    Here you have some good and free antivirus programs:
    I like Avast

  9. RAS said :

    I downloaded some programs from and
    They offer free software such as AVG , Avast ( free antivirus software). Ad-aware, Ewido ( free spyware removers) …! You may like to visit the sites and try…!

  10. jimjones3 said :

    Trend Micro is pretty lightweight and pretty much only runs Anti-Virus – not all that other crap like Firewall and IDS.


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