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Do you have to disable anti virus to run free pop up blocker scan?

I have Norton Anti-Virus and Pop-up blocker through my ISP (SBC). As these do not seem to be adequate and in reading some answers here regarding free Virus & Anti Spy scans. Are these really free or are they only a free scan and if you want to get rid any spy ware or virus, do you have to pay for it?

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9 Responses to “Do you have to disable anti virus to run free pop up blocker scan?”

  1. Yoi_55 said :
  2. Biggles said :

    You seem to have a few things mixed up a pop up blocker just sits there in the background when you’re on the web and stops sites opening pop up adverts
    if you get pop ups for any other reason it’s probably spyware/adware
    the free anti virus and anti spyware is just what it says and antivirus like AVG and Antivir can’t be faulted the same goes for free antispware like Ad-aware, spybot search and destroy and AVG antispyware all this stuff is from people who care about the internet and try to stop the morons who try to ruin it with viruses and spyware

  3. jibbarjabar said :

    These are free. They both scan and remove the malware. And most important since they are on-line scans they do not require you to delete your current Norton, as you would have to do with a second , downloaded and installed anti-virus.

    Run both of these on-line scans and let them remove what they find. Both are free and excellent at detecting malware.

    1. Scan for virus, worms etc. and remove (free online scan, no download) with BitDefender.

    2. Scan for trojans and spyware and remove (free online scan, no download) with Ewido ( now known as AVG Anti-Spyware). This is NOT the same as AVG Anti-Virus.

    These scans will take quite a bit of time. The time is necessary to clean-up an infected computer.

    Good luck.

  4. joel s said :
  5. Quite New Here said :

    It sounds like you belong to a network where the network administrator has the job of looking after everybodys terminal.

    If it is only the pop up blocker that you want to stop, you need to do this through your browsers.

    Mozilla firefox is lovely . Go to internet options and from there you can block the pop ups.
    Internet Explorer 7 and above also has this option.

    You can download the ad-aware , spy programs etc, but make sure you know how to configure them all. They could easily cancel each other out and your screen will come up with messages such as “this is spysweeper, are you sure you want to run “norton”? and this can go on right away as you power your computer up. It can get very tedious and time consuming.
    When in doubt, phone your servers customer service. It doesnt hurt to ask.

  6. Renoirs_Dream said :

    The above poster with the SAFER NETWORKING etc has good sites.

    If I may add…

    It is a free popup blocker AND also has Norton Antispy.

    The ABOVE with Safernetworking and lavasoft are FREE and will REMOVE spyware etc… at NO CHARGE…

    Also the Yahoo Site I listed is ALSO free and no charge for the Norton Antispy removal tool. Yes, it even removes for free…

  7. tomorjerry said :

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    It not only gives complete solutions but also offers
    free downloads of effective softwares which can detect
    and eliminate all spyware/virus/adware/trojans completely.

  8. Yen Abdul said :

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  9. Bill Quintel said :

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