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Who should believe norton anti virus or AVG ?

My norton anti virus scanner says it has detected 7 threats on my computer, but when I ran the AVG scanner it did not detect any. Who should I believe ?

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8 Responses to “Who should believe norton anti virus or AVG ?”

  1. TimmyD said :

    They can be minor threats like spyware or joke programs. You should check the details.

  2. Prits said :

    Your norton may carry out additional scan which the free version of avg will not. SO i would say that if you have a paid subscription to norton, it is more likely to detect malware. If I was you, I would get an additional opinion.. Malwarebytes

  3. Hev said :

    Definitely norton because it has a higher detection rate compared to AVG

  4. prettyfairy1 said :

    I rely on AVG, if it was a serious threat it would notify you and probably put your computer into safe mode. But just move the “threats” to a virus vault in Norton’s program, just to make sure it’s not harming your computer, and make sure your virus software is up to date. And you should only need one virus protection program, otherwise it can slow your computer.

  5. Gift said :

    You could download another av product and find more viruses. It just depends on if it is in the definitions list of known bad files. I switched from norton to BluePoint Security.

  6. Mr. Crowley said :

    You shouldn’t run more than one antivirus program at a time. That said, you should trust Norton more. AVG free is junk compared to Norton, as Norton detects rootkits (unlike AVG free).

  7. Vin said :

    Only run one AV not two..Because they will conflict with each other and slow your computer ..

    Personally i would not recommend any of those two programs ..

    A good Anti virus is Avira ..You can download the premium version for 30 days free trial here..

    It has higher detection rates than both those two you mention and rootkit protection…and does not slow your computer down

    The free version of Avira is also very good does not slow your computer down and also has higher detection than norton and avg just has a couple less features than the Premium one ..It can be downloaded here at

    You should also download malware bytes anti malware as well as which ever anti virus you choose ..It is very good at detecting and removing viruses,worms,trojans,dialers,rootkits and malware…This can be used with an anti here

    Finally Pc tools threatfire is another great program that will work along side your anti virus and uses up very little memory ..It monitors for unusual behaviour and also can scan for threats can be downloaded here at

  8. Nik said :

    if you have both then they could be conflicting

    Also AVG Free has no rootkit protection.
    I’d uninstall AVG free and run Norton Again.
    I also recommend installing Malwarebytes Anti-malware and Spybot S&D

    But you could (if your one of those people who are money out the ass rich), Uninstall Norton and Buy AVG but just keeping Norton would be your best option.


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