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What do I need to do before installing new anti virus software?

I already have Norton Anti virus in my computer but it’s the 2005 version and it got expired, I don’t have the CD with me and so I can’t update. I want to download a new anti virus but do I need to remove the Norton anti virus before I install the new one? What other things do I need to consider before installing? Also, which anti virus do you suggest? Thanks a lot.

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7 Responses to “What do I need to do before installing new anti virus software?”

  1. femora said :

    You need nothing more than your credit card to pay.

    The insturctions that follow will guide you.

    Get online and search for the software that you like.

  2. Tim said :

    You absolutely need to uninstall your previous antivirus software, because if you have two they will find eachother as threats and such. After that you’re free to install whatever software you want! I recommend Avast 4.8 home edition.
    Best of Luck!

  3. chevyboy said :

    unistall the old one then install the new one simple as that

  4. Aijaz said :

    Yeah, you should remove the old one before you install the new one. And better remove it using Revo uninstaller, since it removes leftout registry entries and files as well, which may other wise cause issues with installation of new antivirus.

  5. dziekuje said :

    Use the norton removal tool for the version you have. Before installing a new antivirus.

    I would recommend avira free – yes it does have a popup every day but what do you want for nothing.
    Back it up with online armor firewall – again free

  6. beswick_richard said :

    I would definately remove Norton antivirus. I would suggest immediatelly go to file hippo and download Avast antivirus, It’s a very good virus detector which will keep you free of viruses until you decide what program you prefer as a antivirus. I have had Avast for 5 years now and have very good luck using there software. After removing Norton go to desktop search and make sure nothing is left behind after removing it. You can do this after installing Avast.

  7. Jacob said :

    You will need to first uninstall Norton and then run their complete removal tool.

    After running the tool, restart your computer and install the new software.


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