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What will happen to my computer if i will download any anti-virus?

last day i download a anti-virus the name is “windows anti-virus”or XPA, after i download it, it has affected 5 viruses in my computer.
if you want to see it just click this link to open this site:
click this link to commit viruses.

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3 Responses to “What will happen to my computer if i will download any anti-virus?”

  1. zhi hng said :

    are you sure “windows anti virus” or XPA is an anti virus? where did you download it? it might be a virus…

    well, if you download an antivirus, and scan your computer with it, it should detect and be able to remove viruses..

    i recommend you use only the popular ones to avoid getting fake anti virus..

    or anti spyware,

    good luck

  2. G said :

    XP Antivirus 2008, XP Antivirus 2009, and XPAntiVirus are rogue antivirus programs that, when run, display false results as a tactic to scare you into purchasing the software.Go here and follow the diredtions.
    Remove XPantivirus,free
    Or, download superantispyware to remove it.
    Free version.

  3. Darren0901 said :

    It is a rogue anti-spyware program similar to the well known XP Antivirus rogue application.

    Download and install SmitfraudFix

    After you download and install restart your PC in safe mode with networking

    Double-click on the SmitfraudFix.exe icon then follow the screen instructions. Option #2 should be selected in this case.

    When you are prompted with “Do you want to clean the registry ?”, simply answer “Y”.

    While in safe mode you should download, install and run a full scan with Malwarebytes



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