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Were can I download fake anti-virus software for testing?

I have a old test computer, and I have a visual basic antivirus I made that I want to test. Were can I download something like this? Like green anti-virus or vista anti-virus. Thanx in advance!

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5 Responses to “Were can I download fake anti-virus software for testing?”

  1. Matthew said :

    What do you mean “fake”?

    If you wrote an anti virus program, try and test a few malicious files against it.

    But I’ve never heard of Green Anti-Virus or Vista Anti-Virus, so I don’t know what to tell you.

    If you can clarify what you did, or what you are really looking for or trying to do, then you might get a good answer.

  2. Carlos said :

    I guess you want a fake virus to test your antivirus. Just google for EICAR TEST, it’s a file with a fake virus.

  3. The Phlebob said :

    See this URL for a harmless, standardized anti-virus test file:

    Hope that helps.

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