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Can i download my anti-virus that i bought from walmart on my computer in safe mode?

my computer has a virus and goes to the “blue screen” in about 5-10 miniutes and only works in safe mode. can i download my anti-virus and run a scan in safe mode?

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7 Responses to “Can i download my anti-virus that i bought from walmart on my computer in safe mode?”

  1. Blue said :

    yes, you should be able to.

  2. Axertion said :

    Safe-mode only loads the essential Windows components. You should be able to load up in safe-mode (with network connection), download an anti-virus and remove it as instructed by the program.

  3. Fremen said :

    Yes, but you won’t be able to update the antivirus signatures via the web. Another thing you should do in safe mode is run the program msconfig. Then click on the start up tab and uncheck every program except your antivirus program. Restart the computer and update and run your antivirus program. Good Luck.

  4. annakinstarkiller said :

    That all depends. If you are running WinXP you would have to choose safe mode with networking otherwise your NIC driver will not initialize. It also depends on the software you are going to download. Unfortunately there are some Anti-virus software that will not run in safe mode and will give you an error asking to reboot.

    If you are sure it is a virus causing the problem try connecting the drive to another computer and running an anti-virus from there choosing the infected drive to scan. Otherwise, try going back and figuring out if you have installed any new software (known to not be virus’) and uninstall them to make sure. Have you installed any new hardware lately? Are you running WinXP?

    There may be several reasons for the “blue screen of death” and troubleshooting may save you money and loss of data. There are also non-volitile recoveries.

  5. litol_twilky said :

    yes you can, on

  6. Nahbuts said :

    Yes you should be able to run any anti-virus programs in safe mode, alternativly you could boot up in safe mode and run a standard virus check that comes with windows.

  7. Darren said :

    You might be able to if it has its own installer. Any program that uses the Windows Installer would not be able to.

    While in Safe Mode with Networking, if your AV does not install, Avast will.

    Or you can try an on-line scan while in Save Mode with Networking


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