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my computer wont download anti-virus. we have viruses now, and i need help!?

yeah. im trying to put the disc with kapesrky anti-virus 2009 on my computer and it wont download. why? how? HELP ME

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9 Responses to “my computer wont download anti-virus. we have viruses now, and i need help!?”

  1. roger055 said :

    use another pc to download then transfer it to yours and install

  2. liketolisten said :

    the virus is blocking it, try safe mode

  3. Not me. Or is it... said :

    Same thing happened to my mothers computer.

    Try searching “Kaspersky Internet Security 2010” on a search engine and download that, the Retail Key will still work with 2010, and 2010 is much better.

    I doubt it’s a virus, my mom’s didn’t have one and the CD wouldn’t work. It just kept clicking, she has an HP Desktop, if you have one chances are the same thing is happening to you. If a GUI comes up and tries to install, and Kaspersky doesn’t install, then it might be a virus. If nothing comes up, it probably isn’t a virus blocking it.

    Good luck.

  4. magic sword said :

    go there and run the scan…

  5. Mason said :

    download a program called MalwareBytes in this link
    run a full scan and then delete everything that was found (including quartantined files) theres your cure

  6. mauro n said :

    Start in Safe mode ,and then …

    Take a lok here:

    Basic guide to eliminate a virus from our PC:

    If you have been a victim of some annoying virus that has installed in your PC and do not know how to delete it, here I present you a guide with simple steps to eliminate the viruses in your PC, but first, it is important to point out that this steps are not permanent, due to the fact that there are many solutions for your problem.

    First, I will advise you to run the antivirus software that you have installed on your PC; I recommend having one antivirus software installed, because having more than one might cause conflicts in your PC.

    Step One: The diagnosis.

    If you know that your PC has symptoms of been infected by a virus, which can be: constant rebooting, the operative system or the programs take too long to load with no apparent reason, if the size of a software varies out of the blue, if the hard drive runs out of space or reports a lack of it without this necessarily happening, if ghost files appear with weird names and extensions, then probably your computer is, indeed, infected with a virus…………

  7. harvbluz said :

    I would try booting in “Safe Mode” (hit F-8 when booting up) with networking. If you can access the web, go to Trend Micro Housecall and scan with that to see if or what kind of bugs you may have. (Well, not you, the computer!) I believe it also does the repair, if not at least you should have an idea of what’s going on…Be advised, the scan may take a while, and housecall is a download, so you may need to delete it when you install Kaspersky. Not sure if it would cause a conflict, but, better safe than sorry and Kaspersky should handle all your security needs…Hope that helps!…Good luck…

  8. Mark said :

    Try running scans with the following programs. They are all free and can be downloaded from

    1) Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
    2) SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition
    3) Avira AntiVir Personal
    4) ThreatFire

    If you are unable to do so, run a scan on this site first and then install the programs:

  9. KD J said :

    If you are able to connect to internet, then try reimage. Reimage combines AntiVirus, AntiAdware, AntiMalware, AntiSpyware, Registry Cleaner and Full PC Repair. It is all in one.

    And it takes only 30 minutes to fix. Reimage is the only product that can correct the damage a virus has caused (as opposed to anti virus software that simply remove viruses but don’t correct that damage). Reimage can fix your PC even after it is already damaged. It replaces all those corrupted system files with the correct files from a repository (has over 25 million components) and thereby making the PC run like new. And there is no hassle of taking data back up, as Reimage keep your data and all programs Intact


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