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can i download anti-virus and anti- spywares when my computer is infected?

if my computer without a doubt has spyware viruses n such. is it ok to use the internet to download one of the recommended removers that ive read from other peoples questions about spyware and viruses?

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7 Responses to “can i download anti-virus and anti- spywares when my computer is infected?”

  1. Tokyo Nights said :

    That depends on what you’re infected with. Some malware is pretty slick and can actually hinder your ability to download programs to fix the problem.

    If you find you’re unable to download a fix, you can always download from a different machine and copy the installer to your infected PC via a USB flash drive.

    Keep in mind, some malware can even hinder your ability to install common anti-(virus, spyware, adware, etc) programs as well.

  2. PEACE! said :
  3. ♫♪ Ŝħàřòñà ♪♫ said :

    Like the first answer said some malware can actually prevent you installing an antivirus/antispyware program. In which case you should attempt running an on line scan before trying to install anything.

  4. [2kool4skewl] legend to the max! said :

    Tokyo’s right, but be careful, some viruses can sneak through to your USB.

  5. Mary J said :

    use the spybot atispyware.
    my pc was full of virus and the tips of the blog helped me a lot.
    look for more information on the blog.
    choose and use the programmes recommended by him,
    I hope I have helped !!!!!

  6. IzHXldU said :

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  7. Shaha D said :

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