What is the best money-is-no-object Anti-virus?

I’ve been using AVG Free for as long as I can remember and, while it’s been good, I’m really looking for the absolute best anti-virus money can buy.

So what do you think is the best and why? Cost shouldn’t come into it. Thanks!

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15 Responses to “What is the best money-is-no-object Anti-virus?”

  1. Chuck said:

    I would buy the AVG u get more and you PC will be cleaned up too.

  2. admiralgill said:

    Norton Anti-virus and MacAffee are the best two. There is no appreciable difference in what they do in 95% of the cases in the world. Of the other 5, these do not favor either one. For the best results have both on and only one doing autoprotection. For most people this will be an overkill solution but it is the most secure

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  3. Samuel Adams said:

    Kaspersky and NOD32 are the best anti-virus programs available. I use NOD32 because it’s lighter on my system than Kaspersky. Either of these programs are highly recommended. Recent tests prove Kaspersky and NOD32 are better than the best sellers Norton and McAfee.

    Norton is rubbish, it’s notoriously bloated and likes to take over your system. Trend Micro Antivirus is a viable alternative if you’re having a lot of trouble with software conflicts. Trend Micro rounds out the top three. BitDefender is very good as well, but gives a high number of false alarms.

    The most popular free anti-virus programs (AVG and Avast) have poor detection rates (82.82%, 87.46% respectively). If you want a free anti-virus Avira has higher detection rates than AVG or Avast! (94.26%).

  4. Wes M said:

    Kaspersky. DO NOT buy Norton or McAfee (especially Norton). Unless you like having your antivirus program install a bunch of helper processes that eat up system resources and basically serve no purpose except to make your life difficult. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to fix a PC and nothing was wrong with except that they had Norton or McAfee installed. Kaspersky is generally considered to have the best and most up-to-date virus definitions list and isn’t too demanding when it comes to resources.

  5. kaitwo said:

    Ask your butler! You`ve obviously more money than brain, so why fix something that`s not broken? It`s serving you well and is constantly being updated so why even consider a change.
    Windows Onecare, McAfee, Norton etc are all money making dinosaurs!

  6. duffaboy said:

    AVG is just as good as the other AntiVirus products you pay for, and under certain tests even outperforms them.

    To quote an online article

    “Our second source of independent antivirus testing, CheckVir.com, ranked AVG Anti-Virus 7.5–the previous version–as one of five products to earn their Standard rating (highest) for identifying malicious software (the products were not tested for removal”

  7. IAN L said:

    I’d agree with Kaspersky – never heard anything but praise for it, although I use Norton because it is integrated in all my business machines and it seems pretty good on the whole.

  8. ssj9_nigel said:

    dnt buy norton , mcafee or avg paid version

    buy ZONE ALARM 7 it has all anti virus/spyware and firewall

  9. GATORADE said:

    You should get Kapersky antivirus and internet security. It doesn’t use as much RAM as Mcaffee or Norton which are both crap and it’s less of a hassle to run since it doesn’t take over your entire computer. Make sure you get the 2 in one antivirus and internet security, it’s cheaper than buying each one separately.

  10. Barry said:

    If i was a millionaire, which im not:( I would still use Nod 32! It performs the best on every PC i have used and everyone i have recommended to.

    Kaspersky, for a payed for version is also a good program…Having said that, if many people had a “money-is-no-object rule when it came to purchasing an Anti Virus program, i think they would still choose and use the free versions such as Avast etc..

    As above forget norton and Mcafee!;

    These are the best payed for, and free programs.

  11. Bill said:

    Keep your AVG but add Malwarebytes. http://www.malwarebytes.org/mbam.php
    I personally use Avast as my anti-virus program. I’ve used Norton’s and McAfees in the past but found them to be resource hogs and cause hestiation in my system.
    While all anti virus software works pretty much on the same principles one thing I have found is they are horrible at completely removing viruses, trojans, and worms. Oh they alert you but when you click to delete or quarantine the virus it somehow still appears. Malwarebytes is the only program that I know of that completey eliminates the virus, trojan or worm.
    So in the end, when your anti-virus alerts you just run malwarebytes and you’ll save yourself the headache later on.
    Malwarebytes does not update itself so make sure you click updates before running a scan.

  12. Joseph C said:

    My advice is change to bt internet,they provide unlimited use to norton anti virus free for ever.

  13. jkyled1 said:

    Stay away from Norton & McAfee, they are system hogs and I’ve tried them both. I now use AVG 8.0, it light and very effective. Partner that with pc tools Threatfire and you will be fine. Good luck and God Bless!!!!

  14. Charlie1 said:

    As for detection rates, AVG actually scored the best of all AV products in AV-Test.org tests, especially on real-world threats and in dynamic detection. See for yourself at http://www.av-test.org. When rounded, AVG’s detection is the best together with others, if you look at the detailed results and do the math, it actually has the best score of all.
    It also is above the industry average in performance.

  15. Charlie1 said:

    jkyled1 – AVG8 is really obsolete, the detection in AVG9 is MUCH better. There is an improved emulator and polymorphic detection engine, as well as behavior monitoring module to detect 0-day threats. You should definitely upgrade to 9, it’s free…


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