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What is the best free anti-virus program avalible.?

Hello i’m using AVG and I don’t think it’s working as well as other anti-virus software. Is there better then AVG for Free on the market?

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17 Responses to “What is the best free anti-virus program avalible.?”

  1. Bad Ash said :

    AVG is crap. Try a Vitamin C regime.

  2. John said :


    It’s free but you have to give them your email address.

  3. bazza said :


  4. English And Proud said :

    avast and avira are miles better than avg and both are free

  5. Jay said :

    i have tried norton trials that worked out fine.

    giving me negative thumbs down isnt ness.

    i do have the power to do the same,but i dont.

    anyway free trial offers ussually last 14-30 days

    at least if you found something that you didnt like,you could always uninstall it and restart with a new trial

    do some online homework is my best advise.

  6. Toe Picker said :

    Avast antivirus free home

    do not use AVG they are having problems

  7. Mike said :


  8. Blink182 said :


  9. Abeer said :

    Kaspersky Anti-Virus.

    Hope this helps!

  10. doug0102 said :

    Congratulations! You are number 10 million, who asked this here.
    Go to a website of PC World Magazine and read an article they had there about this very topic. Search their website and you’ll find it.
    Of course, you’ll have to do some “work” yourself, but maybe you can manage…

  11. s c said :

    Try Avast its free and i have used it when i needed a free one

  12. ViRAL said :

    If you have a current account with Barclays bank you’re eligible for Kaspersky Internet Security for free.

    If not then use Avast. Dont use AVG it’s awful.

  13. the master said :

    try updateingt the softwre

  14. Stu said :

    If your comparing AVG to other anti virus programs, which ones have you used before to suggest its not working
    correctly ?

    AVG is one of the best free anti virus programs you can get for Windows.

    Its database of virus definitions is always up to date.

    Whats more its FREE for the basic one or just like any other software company you can pay to upgrade.

    Sounds like you may need to tweak the settings.

    Also try NOT to have more than ONE anti virus program working at the same time otherwise they won’t work properly.

    Alternatively buy a Apple Macbook & never worry about anti virus programs again !

  15. masboi said :

    I switched from AVG to Avast and have never had any problems.

    TO THE SARCASM MERCHANTS: This person only asked for some advice, can’t you give it with good grace? Being sarky make you feel all superior, eh? If you can’t reply politely to a polite question, don’t fcuking answer at all – or are you THAT desperate for two bloody points?

  16. abheeee said :

    AVAST Home Edition!!!

    100 % free, even the updates!
    They just need your email address. 🙂

  17. BryanL said :

    We have 2 identical Toshiba laptops, 1 dell laptop, and 2 Dell desk tops. all ran AVG 7 free without any problem. After the later AVG versions came out, one Toshiba worked fine up to AVG9, the other hated AVG 8 so we tried Avast, Avast completely crippled it for 2 hours every time it scanned. we tried others, even Microsofts effort only worked for a week before it took up most of the day to scan. Avira works fine on this one, over 6 months, and it does not kill the performance while running. The two desktops soldiered on. The other Toshiba now runs PC tools AV, 6 months also satisfactorily. However, the desktop with 320GB HDD and 2GB Ram has had a fit over AVG 11. After a 112Mb download, and a restart, there is NO antivirus at all! No where to be seen. Tried another download, only to be told “another installation is progessing”. So, not all computers like every AV programme, even the same models. Mysecond desk top is staying on AVG9 as it works fine. Oh, the Dell laptop is fine on Avast! There is no single silver bullet, it seems. At least with the free ones, you has the choice and don’t pays the monet!


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