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What is the best anti-virus software for computers?

I need to get an anti-virus for my laptop and i dont know which is the best…any suggestions?? Also, i want one that auto-updates itself and that i dont neccesarily have to pay for…
I had AVG free edition but i think it was useless…any suggestions

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7 Responses to “What is the best anti-virus software for computers?”

  1. whitehathacker said:

    well if you dont like avg even tho its good try avira, it has the highest detection rate of any antivirus and its free

  2. wiztek said:

    I recommend ESET Nod32 or the Smart Security Suite. I use it myself on 3 computers. You have to pay for it but you can get a free 30 day trial. I would think that your computer is worth a few dollars to be protected. It auto-updates and you hardly even know it’s protecting your computer. Search and read the reviews on it.

  3. TOON ARMY FOR EVER. said:

    Why buy when you can get them free.The one i use is Avira, top notch.

  4. Monica said:

    Most free version can’t remove the latest virus.
    Even they can remove, it’s just a small part.
    Good luck.

  5. ez_lee_uk said:

    I am our families/friends tech guy (24/7 free support, aren’t I the lucky one…) and for all the new build/rebuilds I’ve done I’ve always used either AVG or Avast.

    Both are free and and have performed admirably as I’ve never been called to fix a virus/malware problem once installed.

    I have SAV on my works laptop and got a nasty virus over Christmas which took me hours to dispose of!

    Norton makes my skin crawl and it’s the first thing I look for when I get asked “why is my pc so slow?”

  6. Tiffany R said:

    The best antivirus software is AVG, Trend Micro Antivirus. Windows Live Onecare, Avast, Webroot Anti-virus, Mcafee Antivirus. Each have their advantages and disadvantges.

    even you can get any online help get here


  7. Sinclair S said:

    I love and have to recommend Nod 32 by esset..its light on the system very powerful, auto updates neatly and discreetly and is non intrusive at all!< Find out more information regarding all the best free and non free Anti Virus programs available.


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