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How should i go about changing my anti virus?

Okay, so i am going to be getting a new anti virus software and i was wondering how i should do it. Should i install the new one then delete the old one, or delete the old one then install the new one? The only reason im asking this is incase my computer has a virus on it what way should i go about doing this?

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7 Responses to “How should i go about changing my anti virus?”

  1. Ravi Kiran Singh Sapaharam said :

    1) Install – new software
    2) Uninstall – old Antivirus software
    3) Run the scan

    Suspicious of virus
    1) Try online anti virus scan
    2) Install – Google pack – spyware doctor – and scan it
    3) Also – Norton Security Scan

  2. Joe said :

    Download AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition

    Download Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware

    Download SUPERAntiSpyware

    Download Ccleaner

    Download ATF-Cleaner

    Also download SpywareBlaster and Spybot Search & Destroy to block the bad sites and those ads which put cookies on your computer

  3. No 666 said :

    First disable the old anti-virus by going to the tooltray icon and right click and choose the option to disable it.Then uninstall it.Then download the new anti-virus. If you have two anti-virus on your PC they will conflict and lock up your PC and then you’ll have big,big problems. Don’t listen to those who say to install the new then uninstall the old;uninstall the old,then install the new.

    One last important note: if you don’t disable the old and it’s still active when you uninstall,it won’t be fully uninstalled and there will be files/folders left that will not allow you to install the new and then you’re stuck.

  4. happywolf said :


    Get a free and good antivirus program(AVG or Malwarebytes or CCleaner,etc.) to help you clean up the virus.

    Here is some free options:

    The best antivirus software

    With Regards,


  5. dexu95 said : AVG
    2.uninstall the old one
    3.then install AVG!

  6. sid said :

    well, its not recommended to install an anti-virus program while there is an existing antivirus in your system. Registry conflistions might occur which may proove risky sometimes.So its always better to install an antivirus program after removing the old one.
    1). Start windows in safemode
    2)uninstall old ntivirus
    3) restart into safemode again
    4) install new antivirus

    if your system already has a few viruses you might consider using an online antivirus program.

    if your system is in a worst state than that then you need to remove the viruses by following a few can go through the tutorial i referred to before answering your query. Hope it helps u.The article was about pc maintainance but it has info regarding virus removal.

  7. Yudhanjaya Wijeratne said :

    Forget AVG, forget Norton (YUK!!). Get yourself Kaspersky 2009 or Bitdefender, the two best antiviruses. You can torrent them or (better) buy them legit (search in google – you can get to the homepages). Uninstall your old antivirus and install Kaspersky / Bitdefender. They’re both highly configurable + they come with updates, so your protection should be tight.



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