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Can I download my new anti virus software even though my old one is about to run out in a couple of days?

I have Norton right now, and I want to download the new one Web-root Spyware and Anti Virus.

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4 Responses to “Can I download my new anti virus software even though my old one is about to run out in a couple of days?”

  1. black w said :

    Yes, you can.
    There are also other freewares for this purpose if you need.

  2. Shalako said :

    Forget it

    Comodo has come with their latest internet suite

    Firewall / antivirus and malware protection and it is free

    It was released in the last week of October 08

    I am currently testing it with Bitdefender and Kaspersky and Comodo Suite will give the run for their money.

    Download below

  3. robert h said :

    You only have two choices without making a mess of things. You can only run one system protection package on one system at a time. Either take Norton off your computer before you download this new system or when Norton Expires take the components off your computer and download the new protection package. Believe me weird things will happen if you try and run them both at once. I am not a computer expert but I have one that helps me with all my hardware and software problems. The only time that I have gotten myself into trouble is when I haven’t listened to him. He told me this a long time ago. Good Luck Bob

  4. hiba said :

    If you are changing to a new anti virus product, you will need to un install the previous antivirus scanner first. After uninstalling, you must reboot your PC before installing the new scanner.
    ALWAYS before installing a new Anti Virus program uninstall the old one. There can be conflicts.Make sure all other programs are closed, you’ll only be installing a new program that will be up and running in a matter of minutes and be fully protected. These answers came from Webroot Support Home.


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