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IE8 wont let me download anything, I need an anti virus software!!!?

It’s a long story, but IE8 wont let me download anything. I’ve tried downloading anti virus software, but my computer always either wont download it or will say “file is corrupt” I tried downloading Mozilla Firefox, but it just stopped it. I don’t think I have a virus yet, but I still want to be protected from viruses. Does anyone know what I could do?

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2 Responses to “IE8 wont let me download anything, I need an anti virus software!!!?”

  1. michaelnaeseth said :

    Judging by what you are saying here, it seems your computer has been hijacked ( spyware infection ). These rogue spyware programs masquerade as anti-virus programs, and try to get you to pay subscription fees in order to regain control of your computer. Here are a few easy steps to eradicate these annoying buggers.

    1) Restart your computer in safe-mode WITH NETWORKING. (press del, f8 or f10 to bring up the startup options)

    2) Download, install and update malwarebyte’s anti-malware and perform a complete scan. ( you can download it free here:

    3) Restore your computer to a date before you started having these problems. ( this will clean whatever traces of the spyware is left)

    4) Invest $20/year for mcaffe or another popular anti virus program.

  2. -_- said :

    run ur computer on safe mode then get BITDEFENDER!


  3. Kera Szarek said :

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