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How do you delete viruses if your computer will not allow you to access or download an anti virus software?

My computer is infected I’ve been working on it for hours with no progress the virus is blocking me from using any antivirus software? Any advice would be appreciated.

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4 Responses to “How do you delete viruses if your computer will not allow you to access or download an anti virus software?”

  1. norreallyiamnotchucknorris said :

    I had the same problem. Your best bet is to use a different computer to download the software and put it on a flash drive. when you have it on a flash drive rename the file to something stupid like “ILoveSmilies” and then install it on the infected machine. Make sure you rename file or the virus will block the install.

  2. Anon said :

    try this, see if it works, otherwise boot into safe mode if you have any kind of protection, theres not a lot of options unless you have a command line scanner or different options like with geek squads MRI tools

  3. WowCreations4u said :

    Well, if you are on windows:
    Restart your computer is safe mode. This can be done by hitting F10, F2, or F8 depending on your computer. That will bring up a screen and choose “Safe Mode”. You will need to know the administrator password for the computer, though generally there is not a password set for the administrator account.
    Login by typing “administrator” for the username, and with the password. Again, if you never set a password for that account, then just hit enter, as the password will be blank. After logging in, try running antivirus software then. Or try downloading it. I recommend Spyware doctor.
    -Hope that helps.

  4. Scoti said :

    If nothing else above works you can try downloading hijackthis.

    Then google “hijackthis forums”

    Visit the forum and read what the rules are. DO NOT attempt to run the program and delete anything as it will no doubt stop other programs from running too.


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