how do I download avg anti virus software free of charge?

I have heard you can get avg free but can’t see a free option on their website. It is free on other websites but is this legal and safe?

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4 Responses to “how do I download avg anti virus software free of charge?”

  1. John R said:

    Yea its free and legal. You can download it at this link: . Press download. It should ask you if you want to download it. Click yes. If it doesn’t pop-up, you gotta change your security settings. Don’t worry about the credibility of cause its a respected site so its safe.

  2. Alzarial said:

    i went to AVG.COM and clicked the download button. They have a “trial” / “demo” version which works just fine for what i am looking for. Its 100% free and hasnt failed me yet, been using it for quite a long time. If is wrong just google AVG and go to its homesite. Im at work or i would do it for you. =) Goodluck.

  3. IROC said:

    u can download it from other websites its legal and safe i had used this software too

    but i recommend u to use commodo

    its free and better then AVG

    u can get commodo from their website

  4. Adell said:

    You can download it from AVG’s website, there is a review below of AVG free it has always been reliable

    Good luck


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