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Which free anti virus software would you recommend?

I want to stay away from AVG since it is the new version of that which makes my taskbar appear every 5 minutes when i’m watching full screen TV or a movie.
Is there another good anti virus?

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26 Responses to “Which free anti virus software would you recommend?”

  1. sskr said :

    I am using Avira free antivirus

  2. Iswarya said :

    nortion anti virus

  3. Hoorah! said :

    avast, its free and will last forever, constantly updating to make sure no malicious software/viruses harm your computer it is the best free software out there!!

    I have had it for near enough 3 1/2 years and have had no issues with it, i mean when i first installed it it instantly found three viruses and removed them.

  4. Kris R said :

    i use AVG…and i have no problems like that….but dont let some jack monkey tell u to use avast…ur best bet is to just google for best free antivirus…in which it will say avast is the worst av out there….just go and dl an older version of AVG…

  5. TheArfen said :

    do this on-line scan first :
    only if you think you might be infected now.

    i suggest you go and get Avast :

    you can not get a better anti virus with anti spyware system for free.
    it has many features you will have to pay for in other systems.

    don’t forget to register :
    or you will only have it for 30 days
    by registering you will get a licence for a full year.
    just re-register at the end of the year to get another one year licence.

    if you do not like the look of Avast
    then microsoft supply a system for free..

    Microsoft Security Essentials :

    you must only have one antivirus system on your computer at anyone time.

    The next best free one is,

    Comodo Internet Security for Windows :

    You also can use
    Security 360 Free :
    with any of the above.


  6. Mark Hill said :

    Anytime I will go with AVG I have been using it since 4 years and I havent got virus since I am using it.

  7. Jim said :

    I’ve used Avast now for about 5 years and it’s been really good.
    Doesn’t bother you unless it has to.

    Updates automatically and tells you when its updated.

    One of the great things about Avast is that it uses very little resources and runs in the background without you even knowing it’s there most of the time.
    If you’re a gamer too, there are options to put it into “silent mode” so it won’t tell you of updates etc which may interrupt your gaming session. This would be particularly useful to yourself for when you’re watching TV or a movie. All you have to do is right click it in the taskbar and select gaming mode. Simples!

  8. dpkdrj said :

    microsoft security essentials and malwarebites anti malware is the best combination, which gives total protection. both are free as well as trouble free.

  9. angelfire_leadtech said :

    i use avast ! got rid of avg

  10. Amalida Kaya said :

    Avast is one of the best Antivirus program.

  11. Gorge Kave said :

    The best anti-virus is Kaspersky or Norton but they are not free. Kaspersky does offer a free online scan but it doesn’t remove what it finds. Second best free are Avast and AVG and others. The Microsoft firewall that comes free with XP and Vista is quite good but unfortunately provides no visibility. If you need visibility, try the free Zone Alarm. Zone Alarm is very good but it is difficult for me to say it is the best. The best firewalls are not free. You have phishing filters in Firefox 3 and IE 7 and IE 8 (Smart Screen Filter) and AVG. It’s strictly a question of how often the phishing filter database gets updated with accurate information. It’s tough to say which is best.

  12. Big Woof said :

    I have always used AVG and never had any problems.

  13. Surya Prakash said :

    switch to Avast which is good in free version…..

  14. souns_2 said :

    McAfee if u purchase.
    if u have vista or windows 7 better go with microsoft security essentials- i’m guarantee for u ..

    remaining all are waste

  15. louisjenvey said :

    Microsoft Security Essentials

  16. Ooops said :

    Just personal opinion of course. I use Avast , I have also got superantispyware and Malwarebytes. I recently changed to Comodo firewall which seems fine and I seem to boot up quicker. They are all free for personal use and I have had no trouble with Viruses Trojans Hackers etc. I also use Windows Defender from the Microsoft site. It is safe to use two anti-spy products but never use more than one A/V as it can cause conflicts. You should run A/V and anti spy weekly.

  17. Wasted Puppy said :

    The question is did you download the 30 day trial of the paid version of AVG? Perhaps that is it. I use the free version, two months ago, have never had a task bar appear in full screen.

    You can delete the 30 day trial, and replace with the free version if that is what happened.

    Otherwise I would say the Microsoft Security Essentials. Go with the people who designed your operating system. I paid for that for a year and a half, but it’s free now, just experimenting with the AVG right now.

  18. Ange's Christmas Tree :-) said :

    I don’t use any… *coughs* Mac *coughs* Get one. LOL!

  19. Jelloise said :

    I am constitutionally incapable of recommending a M****s**t product with a straight face, but it IS free. So is Malwarebyte’s Anti-Malware.
    Between the two, I’ve been able to clear out quite a few trojans, etc.

    (I’ve yet to hear any truly convincing user testimony as to the software that really Does do it all right, whatever the cost.)

  20. Sachin - Ready Made said :


    “AVG Internet Security” is one of the the best, which has got more than 100 million supports in the world, the largest support ever
    VERY IMPORTANT: people always comment negative things on AVG becoz they don’t know the basic concept of AVG or never used AVG anytime before
    What’s there in AVG free? Almost everything

    Anti-Virus protection: It detects worms, trojans as well executable DLL files that could be potentially unwanted

    Anti-Spyware protection: It protects you from not only spyware but even adwares and all tracking cookies

    Anti-Spam protection: It uses analytic methods to check for scam and other ad mails

    Ani-Firewall protection: It defines rules for every program and also alerts you whenever any program automatically tries to access the net, it continuously blocks unwanted packets

    Link Scanner protection: It protects you from web based attacks when you visit a website and also rates every search result in google and yahoo

    Anti-Rootkit protection: It scans for hidden inside applications, drivers and dll libraries

    System Tools: It monitors all the running applications, processes and browser objects and allows you to control them

    Email Scanner: Scans for viruses and moves the email safely to a virus vault

    Identity Protection: automatically block any activity leading to ID thefts and protects your credit card transactions etc.

    Online shield: protects you from accidentally downloading infected files even in instant messaging
    Resident shield: Scans files as they are opened and saved and also provides vital protection

    AVG provides 3 types of scan
    1.Scan whole computer
    2.Scan specific files or folder
    3.Shell extension scan
    4.Schedule scans
    AVG uses heuristics scan, it also scans system environment

    MAJOR BENIFITS using avg:

    1) light weight, the updates size are also very small they will never increase your internet charges whereas some other software’s provides u with large size updates just to generate income out of the freeware
    2) AVG will never slow down your pc

    IT IS FREE ! how ? email me

    3 yrs of experience

  21. Mr Ed said :

    Scanning Performance: Winner – Microsoft Security Essentials

  22. shane joel said :
  23. Thomas Bearman said :

    If you don’t want to install AVG Antivirus Free Edition, other candidates for free antivirus could be: avast! Free Antivirus, Avira AntiVir free edition, BitDefender Free Edition. Download links

  24. Fug-azi said :

    Comodo Internet Security

    Free lifetime licence

  25. songjanice said :

    If your primary means of protecting your computer is so-called antivirus, then your computer is essentially unprotected.Kingsoft product will turn to the qick mode when you see the full screen.

    For our average speed computer user, i think Kingsoft Free Antivirus is fit for us. When you run this antivirus to scan your computer, it occupies low memory accuption. Kingsoft Free Antivirus 2010.11.6.318 has increased their speed, you can have little time to scan our computer overview. If you need more details, Here’s the URL —>

  26. Big Lance! said :

    AVAST! its free for a year at or, this anti virus program is 2nd too none.. you can stack this program with a 2nd one for malware/adware removal as well… go too and you can download malwarebytes antimalware…. best of luck!


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