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I need to download anti virus software?

I cannot download because it says that I need to check administrator permission. I have talked with several people who say it is impossibe. but i am the administrator. I do not understand why that is hard to belive. I just need this fixed and someone who have encountered this problem before.

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6 Responses to “I need to download anti virus software?”

  1. kf4wwe said :
  2. imsurfing2000 said :

    Have you tried AVG antivirus?

    or maybe do a search for an ONLINE virus scan.

    Someimes, if your infected it wnt let you install a scanner

  3. ferdinand g said :

    u can download antivirus from internet, u download cyberdefender freeware, i used it for almost a 2 years.

  4. worlds_weakest_w0man said :

    open a command prompt, type: net user administrator *
    then push enter.
    when prompted to “enter a password”, make up a password. Push enter again.
    Now you will have administrative privliges:)

  5. Patrick C said :

    You can check your administration privileges and enable all
    or use a different web browser

    first make sure you are the administrator

  6. zahrin s said :

    use combination of avg anti virus,ad-aware anti spyware and spybot.

    u can download this from for free.

    if these software still didnt help u,u still can find some of cool other anti spyware/adware/virus


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