How do you know what anti virus program to trust?

Hello I purchased a new computer back in July of this year. I ran out of the trial period of my antivirus and now I don’t know which one to trust. I am running the vista program. Can anyone tell me their opinion as to which anti virus is the best on the market? Thank You!

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  1. legacygt25 said:

    Stick with a well known brand, such as Computer Associates, McAfee, AVG Anti Virus, or Norton Antivirus. They all have up to date definitions that the program can download automatically every day to keep your computer protected.

  2. Boyito said:

    Just trust those anti-virus program that are pioneer in the industry, not just fly-by-night software……you can feel if the prog is just a your instinct!

  3. Shiva V said:

    Kasper Sky is Best, BitDefender is also good……

  4. FreeSpiritRunning said:

    Hey Angels,

    I actually use Spybot, search & destroy, it’s free and I like it. Hope that has helped hon.

    Have a great week, good luck.

  5. timsheehan86 said:

    Finding a decent freeware antivirus solution is tricky at best, but I have been through this and have found two good solutions that work hand-in-hand.

    For spyware and browser based baddies use spybot, you can get this from

    For antivirus, Avast is great – and free! You can find it here – this even gives you real-time protection on a bunch of services, email, instant messaging etc.

    Both of these solutions are virus/spyware free, and are completely free of charge.

  6. Ben P said:

    Simply, Goole is your friend.
    Google the brands and products, find user reviews, and make an informed decision. One thing I try before committing to something is searching for whatever it is + sucks.
    So try a search for ‘Norton sucks’ etc, and see what people say.

  7. Tiffany said:

    Research. You can find reviews of anything on the net

  8. Cyrus said:

    Personally I suggest you get either:

    BitDefender anti-virus or Internet security.


    Kaspersky anti-virus or internet security.

    I’ve had bad experiences with Norton or McAfee they use a lot of resources and sometimes miss stuff. the reason for that can be that hackers target Norton or McAfee more than others since more people know those and have those.

    You can download a full functioning trial programs from their websites. give them a try.

  9. sajimunna said:

    Basis on the reviews in sites and use i prefer kaspersky for Total Protection

  10. Darren0901 said:

    Avast is a good anti-virus [Free home edition]

    Avira is also a good anti-virus

    Windows Defender is recommended in addition for FREE real-time spy-ware protection.

    Download SuperAntiSpyware for user initiated scans

    Remember to only have one anti-virus installed on your PC

  11. JonathanT said:


    Remember to only use one antivirus. There are many popular ones and most of them are good. Norton, McAfee, Trend Micro, Kaspersky, BitDefender, Panda, F-secure, Nod32, AntiVir, AVG and Avast are all legitimate, to name a few.

    I recommend you get an internet security suite instead – it provides better protection than an antivirus so you do not need so many security products. I recommend Norton Internet Security Suite or Kaspersky Security Suite.

    Norton is very light, has VERY constant updates (every 5-10 minutes, compared to usually daily updates by other companies).

    Kaspersky has a few extra features which are useful. Also, Kaspersky limits the rights of unknown programs – this is very effective at blocking malware.

    Both of the suite’s detection is excellent.

    If you really only want an antivirus and use a separate firewall, I suggest Norton Antivirus (reasons listed above) or AntiVir Preimum, because of the very strong heuristics and outstanding detection.

  12. ♥(^-^)♥ said:

    The chart here compare the detection rates of each major brand.

    I would suggest that you get Avast Home Edition version 4.8.
    It now protects against spyware, rootkits, and other forms of nonvirus malicious software.
    Best of all, it’s free for personal use.

    Avast is a very effective and free anti-virus program because it can do
    a boot time scan in safe mode and it will remove all viruses on your PC.
    Even those stubborn trojan viruses that hide inside the system restore folder.

    Avast Anti-virus installation

    How to configure Avast ?

  13. a.n. said:



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