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Hi, does anyone know of a good anti virus and anti spy ware that will keep my computer healthy?

I am currently on AVG and i am finding that it has no affact and i was looking for a better anti virus can anyone help me?

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16 Responses to “Hi, does anyone know of a good anti virus and anti spy ware that will keep my computer healthy?”

  1. Samuel Adams said :

    The best anti-virus is ESET NOD32 then Kaspersky, but they are not free. If you want a free anti-virus I recommend these programs (install only one):

    1. AVG Free
    a. A simple interface (easier to use than Avast! and Avira)
    b. Can detect about 82.82% of viruses
    Cons: low virus detection

    2. Avast!
    a. Real-time protection
    b. It has an option to delete a virus once found
    c. Can detect about 87.46% of viruses.
    Cons: Too many icons and confusing user interface

    3. Avira AntiVir
    a. It can detect malware better than Avast and AVG
    b. It’s cute umbrella icon
    c. Can detect about 94.26% of viruses
    Cons: A very sluggish update

    I only recommend buying NOD32 (advanced users) or Kaspersky. It has been proven these products are better than the best sellers (Norton and McAfee):

    For anti-spyware and I would recommend getting Ad-aware and Spybot Search and Destroy (they are also free).

    I left AVG as part of my response for comparison against other free anti-virus products.

  2. Michael Y said :
  3. Danny42378 said :

    Avast and Spybot S&D are a good combo.

    ZoneAlarm has a free firewall.

  4. Martfuncher said :

    I’ve been using Avira, Spybot, Ad-aware and CCleaner several years professionally and personally.

    You can find and install them by searching for those program names on .


  5. david_lincs said :

    yeah, its called an apple mac

  6. billys_office said :

    avg is very good
    usually antivirus and antispyware are two different streams of products
    try adaware , spybot trend
    be aware that there are lookalike names to real antispyware products that are spyware in themselves
    stay away from norton at all costs
    Run a number of antispyware products
    do the updates
    They all find different parasites

  7. elizabeth6991 said :

    MACAFEE or Norton are the best you can buy. You can sometimes get them half price at Argos.

  8. Nicky said :

    mcafee is a good one – it can be downloaded or bought from pcworld and installed on disc

  9. Anita said :

    to get the better ones you have to pay for them most of the time but the ones i have are good but to get the better version of it you gotta pay.

    anti-virus software- or

  10. rachel c said :

    Norton, in my opinion is by far the best iv had… i got viruses with all otheres i have used…. They also have a 24hr online chat helpline if u need help or have any questions…..

  11. heebus_jeebus said :

    Depending on where you get your reviews, Kaspersky and NOD32 are #1 & 2, with NOD32 being preferred by techs, but Kaspersky given the ‘nod’ (no pun intended) for being more user friendly.

    Kaspersky offers a 30 free trial too:

    For antispyware, the best free on-demand scanner is Superantispyware:

    And the best free full-time spyware protection is Comodo’s BOClean:

  12. darrelljon said :


  13. Lёna said :

    Of course, you’d better use all the best for your protection, that’s why you should try:
    – Antivir: it’s a free anti virus program which was recommended by a professional
    – Agnitum Outpost Firewall: – that’s to avoid any pop-ups
    – True Sword:
    Here are the reasons:
    * This one can fix over quarter of a million malicious problems
    * It’s fast, especially with Windows XP
    * That will never delete the file your system needs for proper work, while the other programs remove everything they found as a threat
    * This program will NEVER piss you off with useless informational boxes.
    * You can always ask for a professional halp while using it
    – And, of course, don’t use IE, because it has a lot of security holes, making it less safe than other browsers.

    Good Luck!!!

  14. white lader said :

    The best antivirus is zone alarm, which is what i am currently using. the best spyware is spybot. Is that helpful?

  15. Ruby said :

    Try for further help to keep your computer protected with regular virus protection and other related updates and news .

  16. josh said :

    dude,the best is the home edition of, with avast i got rid of the errors and trojan and worms,also download this, it cleans Ur PC, best of luck.


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