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How do I download anti-virus then share on 1 other pc?

I am about to buy a download of an anti-virus programme that says I can use it on up to 3 other pcs. How do I get this programme on my laptop after I have downloaded it onto my main desktop? Do I have to make a cd or something?
Please help a novice pc user!!!!!

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6 Responses to “How do I download anti-virus then share on 1 other pc?”

  1. z0plax said :

    The file will probably be an EXE file, which you can click twice on to run. To make it so other computers can run this file, you could copy that file onto a CD, and then insert that CD into each other computer and run the file to install the program there.

  2. Ben J said :

    depends on the size of the file…if it small and u hav a usb move it on that…or by disk…or send it as an attachment using email

  3. Lee said :

    If your computers are hooked up on a network you could just move the file to a share folder or share the folder its in or you could burn it on a cd or usb drive if you have one.

  4. Michael I said :

    Legally you’d have to own two licenses of the software unless they company allows installation on two PCs. Most software will allow you to just install it on both machines. If you have the CD just install it on both, if you don’t and have the setup file on one PC just transfer it over to your other computer via email, or a file sharing site.

  5. jugnu said :

    U can download Norton 2005 SE free of cost and can use any number of times u want 2. Just check it out here
    Norton is the best in my opinion
    I have tried and using them for years . Stiill no trouble
    More over u ucan also get Lavasoft and firefox from here

  6. Rob E said :

    You can use the AVG anti-virus software programme for free on all your home pc’s.

    Download and then copy to other pc’s, install and you’re off. The software can be set to auto-update and get downloads of updates for free too.

    Good luck! Rob


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