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Free Anti-Virus and Firewall for my Acer Laptop running Windows Vista Home Premium?

I am currently using a trial of Mcafee which going to run out today, has anyone got any suggestions for a new firewall and anti-virus that is completely free? I was thinking Avast for my firewall?

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11 Responses to “Free Anti-Virus and Firewall for my Acer Laptop running Windows Vista Home Premium?”

  1. Hello I'm a Mac said :

    Avira 99.8% against Viruses Highest Detection Rate Among Antivirus Scanners Free Edition

    Comodo Firewall Pro Pro & Free Edition
    For Hacker Protection With the only Leak test proof Firewall (means your information doesn’t leak out to the internet)

  2. Mike C said :

    There is an excellent firewall built in to Vista so you don’t need another.
    AVG free from is the best Anti-virus

  3. j_ardinger said :

    comodo, avast,avg are all good. check reviews at

  4. billscott92787 said :

    AVG from I also recommend COMODO for VISTA. If you don’t like the reviews from COMODO then you can download Sygate Personal Firewall from Good luck!

  5. Mike said :
  6. Jason K said :

    For years now I have been swearing by AVG. I install it on every PC I run, and I recommend it to all of my customers at the shop. Also install Windows Defender. Between the two, I’ve sent out hundreds of systems that to date have had no problems and have not returned.

    Make sure you set AVG to update daily, as well as Defender, and set both to do full nightly scans.

    Vista’s built-in firewall, as with Windows firewall since XP, has been freaking amazing. Nothing more really needs to be installed unless you’re an uber control freak looking for problems.

  7. Alessandr0 said :

    Avira AntiVir Free, best free anti-virus you can ever possibly wish to get, highest detection scores (third party tests) over AVG and Avast.

    Comodo Firewall Pro got a level 10+ in Matousec’s firewall leak test. Compare this to the fact the only other free firewalls are below 90%, it’s clear this is the best choice.

  8. broderm2k said :

    your standard firewall works the wonder unless you are looking for complications on your system
    the only firewall that didnt bring me problems was the one that comes with BITDEFENDER total security 2008, a complete package for your security, but you will have to buy it

    for free get avira antivir from
    dont install zone alarm firewall or you will come and ask us how to sort it out

  9. ANTI said :

    Learn how to Remove virus from your computer here:
    Good luck!

  10. fernando said :

    Avast 4.8
    clamwin. but use only one anti virus
    comodo firewall pro
    malwarebytes anti-malware
    ccleaner and mvregclean to clean your computer.

  11. Circular Saws Site said :

    I must say Ive always felt you are a great writer.


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