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How do I allow Internet explorer access on my computer again?

Either the windows firewall or my anti virus came up and asked me if I would allow Internet explorer to access software on my computer and I accidentally denied it. Now I can get on other things(like yahoo messenger) but not Internet explorer. How do I get it back or allow access?

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4 Responses to “How do I allow Internet explorer access on my computer again?”

  1. foxymosh said :

    go into your firewall [click on icon] and and look for program control, find IE and enable it

  2. wocsop said :

    your on internet explorer just now 🙂 youve just lost the icon 🙂
    if you go to .. start icon .. do you see the big e at the top ??
    thats your internet 🙂
    go to log on and enjoy 🙂 see you online 🙂

  3. Bob R said :

    well it could be in start menu but if you go to files and folders in controll panel it should be there then drag to desktop

  4. Amy A said :

    Go into your security program (the one that came up and asked you to allow internet explorer and you denied access with) and there should be an event log called “recent events” if you look around. Then look for the event that says something like “internet explorer denied access”. Click on it and it should ask you if you would like to grant full access. Say yes and restart your computer…:)
    This just happened to me last week! With McPhee…hope this helps.


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