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Would it be safe to use no anti virus just a firewall if i was only coming to yahoo website nothing else?

like if i was just using yahoo answers and yahoo website for news. would i still need an anti virus ?

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11 Responses to “Would it be safe to use no anti virus just a firewall if i was only coming to yahoo website nothing else?”

  1. Person said :

    why not use an anti virus just in case there are very good free ones. You should be safe but you never know.
    Download one
    Avira (How to stop annoying popups in Avira. Go to Scheduler> daily update > change it to on startup> change from minimized to invisible> and annoying popups are gone.)

  2. liketolisten said :

    you would be playing russian roulette. all web sites have a chance to infect your pc.

  3. Blondie said :

    Your choice of course, However, can not hurt to run a free thing, say, like avira or avast,, and once a week, do a check with malwarebytes’ antimalware and superantispyware. You may be surprised what is detected..

    Edit : anything free except avg ,,, it is garbage..

  4. AiNoKeA said :

    Only if you came on these sites i say go for it, But i don’t see why you would not get a Anti-Virus program? there is a ton of free ones out there that you can download for free

  5. boss gooser said :

    why dont you just use a free antivirus just to be on the safe side

  6. David said :

    No your still not safe. Just download Avast! antivirus. Its free and doesn’t slow down your computer. Then you don’t have to worry.

  7. caffeine said :

    There are many free anti-viruses available that you should check out. Once you are connected to the internet you are always vulnerable to viruses, hackers, scripters, etc. Even though you are on a Yahoo website you may visit an offlink which could be prone with viruses, adaware, etc.

    To be safe I would recommend that you run an anti-virus program.

    Here are a few free anti-virus programs:

  8. Computer Man said :

    You might get by with doing that. However there is always a chance you might get a virus. Personally, I wouldn’t wont risk the possibility.

  9. Insane_mad_maniak said :

    since there are free anti virus programs readily availible, (AVG, AVAST, AVIARA to name a few) i dont see much point.

    you can still get a virus, even with a antivirus program, but it’s always good to have one.

    i remember when windows XP first came out, someone actually put a virus into the installation, which was identified later, and the antivirus once updated removed it. there are many instances that you can get a virus, not just through the internet!!

    someone could come to do some work on your computer, put in an infected USB thumb drive, and thats your computer totally messed up, you can either pay to have it fixed, battle for hours/days to fix the problem, or wipe it, loose all your stuff and reinstall windows.

    you could even get a virus from a CD, game, or something simular.

  10. David E said :

    I use a router. Those are good firewalls. Then you need to practice good computing habits.

    They are:
    — Don’t open email attachments; even if it’s from someone you know.
    — Don’t click links in email.
    — Don’t download files from places you aren’t absolutely sure are safe.
    — Update your OS regularly!
    — Use a firewall.
    — Be VERY suspicious of sites that pop open windows.

    I click the little x to close those popup windows. If that won’t make it go away, I kill the browser and restart it, then don’t go back to that site. What ever you do NEVER EVER EVER install those, “you need to install our super duper viewer program to view content on this site” programs. If you do, you will never see any content on that site but you will be infected.

    It is, however, safer for most people to use an antivirus.

  11. tim m said :

    no, buy a security suite cd.


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