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What is the strongest free download anti-virus?

What is the strongest free download anti-virus? please answer me i need to have it because i have a problem in my computer.

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5 Responses to “What is the strongest free download anti-virus?”

  1. steven4537 said:

    avg is the best

    You can find it here

  2. dashiel said:

    for me kaspersky,spyware doctor with anti-virus,norton,difender and avg anti-virus

  3. serenadeofdivinity said:

    best available is avg free edition

    also you can try

    Avast which is 100% free also

    this software contains spy ware and virus both scaning and guarding 100% free, it is spywareterminator

  4. Jay R said:

    If you’re asking for the best free antivirus available, I have to suggest avira antivir classic. It has one of the best detections even surpassing those of commercial ones.

  5. Arun K said:

    Use avast home edition free fast and safe.


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