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My computer is slowly crashing and I need a free anti-virus software that is completely free.. no loopholes!!?

I need a free anti virus software that I can download without it asking me to buy after they show me how many viruses I have. Please, school starts again really soon and I really need my files!

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10 Responses to “My computer is slowly crashing and I need a free anti-virus software that is completely free.. no loopholes!!?”

  1. zeke009 said :

    AVG AntiVirus:

    Avast is getting some props, I rarely use AVG myself… it’s the free one I remember. I hate the GUI though.

    SpyBot S&D: – removes spyware

    CCleaner: – cleans temp files

  2. mrg3dit2002 said :
    it the best free 1 there is

  3. Azrael said :

    browser – – replace IE, it’s a malware magnet junk
    antivirus –
    antispyware –
    …………….. –
    firewall –
    maintenance –
    You need all of these. They are all the best in their category and FREE. Stay away from AVG, Norton or security suites.

  4. golfer2 said :

    Keep both those on your computer.Both are totally free.

  5. looleoma said :

    Use avast antivirus on line, most of the timeI do not have any problems.

  6. Mirko C said :

    Well, first step, back up your files onto a USB key in case something back happens. There is no real “free” option but there are option you can trial that will clean your computer. You can look here

    AVG is also a good virus scanner and has a free option

    Good luck

  7. Jijo Joseph said :

    There are so many free antiviruses. But I prefer avast. Go to and download the free version. Don’t install more than one antivirus in your machine. It will interfere each other. for any doubts mail me to [email protected]. you can ping me in yahoo messenger also.

  8. Josh K said :

    try this website and then click on downloads and take a pick

  9. Hi said :

    Get one of these anti-virus listed below.All these anti-virus work very well,they are the leaders in the current market.

    Kaspersky anti-virus:

    MacroVirus anti-virus:

    The Shield Deluxe anti-virus:

    BitDefender anti-virus:

  10. Darren0901 said :

    It is a rogue anti-spyware program similar to the well known XP Antivirus rogue application.

    Restart your PC in safe mode with networking

    Download, install and run a full scan with Malwarebytes


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