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Where can I get free anti-virus software on the Internet?

I’ve noticed my computer is running slower and the Windows Live One Care icon is displayed at the bottom right-hand corner.I’ve tried AVG software,but doesn’t prove effective.Is there a website for free downloads of anti-virus software and gives a better performance?

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6 Responses to “Where can I get free anti-virus software on the Internet?”

  1. said:

    Look on, the popular downloads are good. Also search on they have everything with reviews too.

  2. doggerel said:

    PC User Magazine ran a test recently where they tested all the major AV products on test machines throwing every virus under the sun at them. The free edition of Avast was the second best performer overall (behind just NOD32 which is a paid-for service). It was well ahead of AVG. So try that. Bitdefender offers a free online service which you can use as a backup without all the hassle of a local installation – you just need to make sure you visit that site with Internet Explorer rather than Firefox etc

  3. Chris said:

    anti-virus test show antivir is the best free anti-virus followed by avast.
    antivir is nagware so i use avast.

    u can download them here

  4. Immi said:

    If you use verizon DSL you can get free McAfee, which you can download from msn browser. You can download it from following link

    Or you can get (Norton, PC-Cillin, McAfee and etc) free after rebate from fry’s Electronic Stores.

  5. Koos N said:

    Because free programs are never completely as secure as the programs you are paying for I always recommend not to install either AVG free or Avast free, but one of those 2 in combination with 2 other programs.
    AVG free
    Avast free

    Then the 2 programs you should install togehter with one of the above.

    Threatfire is an anti virus, that can be installed next to any other anti virus program on the same computer

    There is a lot of mal ware you have to protect your pc against.
    This is a very good program, that completely runs in the background

    When you do not have a good firewall yet, you could install this one

    Installing these programs, will not use any extra RAM or CPU usage.

    Your computer will be very well protected and it does cost you nothing

  6. steve f said:

    If you look into
    you will see various Antivirus programmes.
    Free AVAST and free AVIRA are the best two but my preference without doubt is AVAST.
    Simple but effective and 10 times better than AVG.


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