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What is the Best FREE Anti-virus, Anti Malware and Anti-Spyware.?

Hi, I am looking for a good free Anti-virus, Anti Malware and Anti-Spyware software that is really good and will actually protect my computer from viruses.

Can you tell me the best or good anti-virus softwares

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13 Responses to “What is the Best FREE Anti-virus, Anti Malware and Anti-Spyware.?”

  1. Shaun said:

    Hmm people like Avast – personally not a fan .. I like AVG and Kaspersky for Antivir and spybot S&d for malware.

  2. Evolve or become extinct said:

    I don’t believe in free ones for something so important.

  3. Dreadnaught said:

    Download these

    Avast Free Anti Virus
    Spybot Search & Destroy
    Comodo Free Firewall

    Spybot is all free and the other two are trials but are basically the same as the paid versions.

    Update the programs, then run each one one by one. If you have enough ram, enable Malwarebytes protection module if you paid for it, and also enable Spybots “TeaTimer”. TeaTimer protects your registry. Your registry is basically critical system files and settings, like windows system 32. (What most infections attack to gain control over your pc)

    This is a powerful combo I personally use (all paid versions of course) and I put it on all my friends computers when there messed up.


    Avast has a boot time scan just incase your pc gets royaly messed up. It will scan every last dam file before ANYTHING is loaded.

  4. timbo907 said:

    Avg free. But still I’ve seen computers with free anti-virus Ns when scanned by a proper anti-virus they are infested with virus’. In my opinion I wouldn’t skimp on the anti-virus man.

  5. Stavros said:

    i dont think there are good FREE antiviruses etc.but you can always download them illegaly.U cant tell wich is the best but I use nod32 and im pretty happy with it.
    download it from here, it has also the serial:

    download this if your pc is x32:
    or this if your pc is x64:

    taken from here:,1,1,882-nod32-antivirus.html

  6. cidetrack said:

    Microsoft security essentials free, good!

  7. Cory S said:

    You can get all the above suggested downloads, plus reviews at A website that has many downloads and all are safe to download.

  8. Karl said:

    Not a fan of “Free” AV software, Experience with AVG tells me to avoid it like the plague. Six computers 160 viruses later. AVG did not block the virus attack nor did it or any of the other software loaded on these computers protect the computer and remove the viruses.

    These machines were cleaned up using Norton Internet Security 2010

    If anything (free) go with Microsoft Security Essentials

    and download the Microsoft Malicious software Removal Tool

    I would trust these before any of the garage software.

  9. Ugmonito Pihiioe said:

    Avast! has the best defense for opening files or traversing the internet.
    Avira has the highest detection rate with few false positives, and detects really well when opening files or downloading them from the internet.
    AVG has went down-hill I don’t recommend them.

    Personally I use Avast! as 5.0 has really made quite a few changes for better and faster scanning.
    I recommend Avira if you know you’re infected and need to remove the virus quickly.

    Along with those, just for security purposes I recommend downloading MalwareBytes to see if avast/avira missed anything (which they will, no antivirus is 100%) and/or SuperAntiSpyware.

  10. oostab said:

    Eset Nod32

  11. Jone Lily said:

    there are many free anti-virus softwares you can download from such as the kaspersky anti-virus 2010/2011,norton anti-virus 2010,BitDefender Antivirus 2010,Shield Deluxe 2010 – Antivirus & Anti-Spyware etc.

  12. Karthi said:

    free anti virus

    avg anti virus


    Free Anti Spyware


    Free Anti Malware

    Malware Bytes

  13. browserbus said:

    no get rid of all those, u need these: ZenOK Free Antivirus, I put it on all my friends computers when there messed up.


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