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Which is the best free anti virus?

Which free anti virus is capable of deleting them forever and keep my computer safe against viruses? Norton Anti Virus only alerts me and quarantines them but doesn’t remove them, so I want one free anti virus program that can do this for me.

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3 Responses to “Which is the best free anti virus?”

  1. Samuel Adams said :

    If you want a free anti-virus I recommend in order of popularity, but please choose the right one for you (install only one):

    1. AVG Free
    a. A simple interface (easier to use than Avast! and Avira)
    b. Can detect about 82.82% of viruses
    Cons: low virus detection

    2. Avast!
    a. Real-time protection
    b. It has an option to delete a virus once found
    c. Can detect about 87.46% of viruses.
    Cons: Too many icons and confusing user interface

    3. Avira AntiVir
    a. It can detect malware better than Avast and AVG
    b. It’s cute umbrella icon
    c. Can detect about 94.26% of viruses
    Cons: A very sluggish update

    I advise against Norton anti-virus, it’s bloated software that takes control of your computer. The best anti-virus available is Kaspersky or NOD32 (recent tests at

  2. Swanky said :

    AVG period…;mostPopTwoColWrap&cdlPid=10891365

    over 134 million people downloaded it…its number one on

    what that means is tried, tested proven…of course it wont be as great as the full version but as free versions come…its the best

  3. amigaguy888 said :

    if you have comcast you can download Mcafee for free just go to comcasts page and log in with your info.


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