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What in your opinion is the best free anti-virus for windows 7?

I had avg-free and it worked alright I guess, but the huge problem I had with it was it would block stuff that weren’t viruses. I would tell it not to block files that weren’t viruses and it ignored me and blocked it still! I uninstalled it and installed Avast-free edition. Is Avast alright? Atleast Avast isn’t picking up shit that aren’t viruses! But I want to know if Avast is any good? Or should I update to something else?

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7 Responses to “What in your opinion is the best free anti-virus for windows 7?”

  1. Foxtra said:

    NOD32. But I also hear that Microsoft’s security essential suite is pretty good, + it’s free.

  2. Chase said:

    I’m really liking the Security Essentials free virus scanner that you can get from Microsoft. It just kind of chills in the background. Doing it’s thing. Though I haven’t put it through it’s paces and I go to pretty safe sites. But this guy whose all into computers and figuring out how they work (as a hobby) recommended it.

  3. Ed said:

    Kaspersky is so far the best. I have Mcafee on my laptop, I have no issues at all. All of them free antivirus will bring you issues like this..

  4. Jeffrey L said:

    Avast is a WONDERFUL anti-virus program. All you need to do is register (which is free). You can do scans, activate firewalls, etc.

  5. sandy said:

    avast 5 is very good and lite on resources and its free get at

  6. DUCKTAPE said:

    Avast is undeniably one of THE best free anti-virus software there is on the internet. However free anti virus’ only have basic types of prevention whilst a paid anti-virus like norton has anti-phishing (to protect against credit card info stealing) and anti-spam. So it’s often best to get paid anti-virus rather than free ones as they offer more protection.
    I will include links on how to get kaspersky (a good software for protection).
    I also recommend getting Malwarebytes the free version.

  7. Cassandra said:

    Hi Joseph –

    I’m adding another vote for Microsoft Security Essentials –

    It’s free too!

    Microsoft Windows Outreach

  8. susan potter said:

    Nice blog..

    thanks and regards


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