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What is the best free anti-virus softwear?

I’m sure i have a Virus but AVG never picks up anything. anyone know what the best free anti-virus softwear is? links would be good 🙂

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4 Responses to “What is the best free anti-virus softwear?”

  1. TheTrueLover said:

    nod 32 for sure

  2. Ron M said:

    All of the following are good, but I use and like Avast. It just seems to work a little better then the rest.

    But what makes you so sure that you have a virus? If the problem that you are having is not being picked up by an anti virus program, then maybe it’s malware instead of a virus. So I’ll include a few of the best anti malware programs too.

    Anti Virus Removal:

    All of the following are free, and work very well.

    Note: It is best to run at least 2 anti spyware programs, but never run more then 1 anti virus to eliminate conflicts.

    Virus Removal




    Sypware/Malware Removal


    Spybot S&D


  3. MetalRubberDuck said:

    try super antispyware. or spybot. =)

    hope it helps

  4. Jim W said:

    This is the answer to your question
    For the average user > Avast


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