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What is the best free anti virus spyware to install?

I have Norton now but I ended up getting a virus so I want to try something new and heard the free ones are just as good

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5 Responses to “What is the best free anti virus spyware to install?”

  1. <3 said:

    I have Avira AntiVir which is free and it is very good.
    I also have ZoneAlarm which is free.
    A man came to fix my laptop once and un-installed Norton because its not very good, and he installed these.
    I haven’t had any virus problems lately so they are really good!

  2. Steven said:

    AVG is good @
    or you can use Microsoft security essentials which covers virus, spyware and registry fixes

  3. Rickie R said:

    Try going to “” then click on or look for antivirus and click on most downloaded, it should say avg or other fews, there you can make a choice they are the best out there that are free and give good protection. and yea avg is what i think the best

  4. VisualH4x0r.NETâ„¢ said:

    No all the free ones are bad. That’s why they are free. Get KAV or ESET NOD32, even Bitdefender, rest are sht.

  5. MadCat said:

    Spybot and Malwarebytes are a good combo, running both regularly will remove most spyware, you can get theme here: and

    You can manually update spybot here:

    You can also manually update malwarebytes here:


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